Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tile guys

Some artist does these tile guys all over Paris. I don't usually see them, have to have them pointed out to me, but yesterday I spotted one as we were walking back from the Canal St. Martin. Then Chuck spotted another right near the Franprix. Just need to look and there they are. I wanted to take a canal boat ride but haven't so far. Instead, we walked to the canal up above Place de la Republique. A nice walk. The canal was a surprise. Down by Bastille, it's below street level, but where we went, it was level with the street. We saw a couple of the locks, too. I think it'd be interesting to take the boat, though the neighborhoods it goes through don't seem that picturesque, yet. The neighborhood is getting cleaned up and trendy,with some design shopsl, books stores and cafes. We walked back a different route and got a bit turned around, which was okay because that's how we find interesting things to look at.

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