Sunday, October 08, 2006


On Friday, we went over to the bakery on rue des Rosiers to buy a piece of the good cheese cake. We ate it on Saturday afternoon and yes, this humble little square of baked goods, IS very delicious. Today, we had lunch at the Swedish Cultural Centre. We'd noticed their little courtyard cafe and heard that they had good food. They do, plus it's very reasonably priced. There is no picture of our sandwiches because they looked so good we started to eat them before thinking about photographing them. The bread was sort of a free form shape. We'll take pictures before we eat them next time. The cake was really good, too.


marian said...

the cakes looked delicious
and i trust the sandwiches
were equally as yummy

but it is such fun to see any
and all pictures
mim4art takes

Le Synge Bleu said...

i have been horrendously craving something wonderful from a really good patisserie...unfortunately i haven't found one yet. i'm esp craving eclair or tarte aux poires