Monday, February 05, 2018

I'm done.

Well, friends, my lovely month long project ended.

I have many First Day Covers left so I'll be writing more letters but not on a daily basis, until some fancy to do so strikes me again.

I've heard from recipients and even gotten a couple letters in return. It's been very satisfying.

Try it, write some letters. Find a pen or two you really enjoy writing with. If cursive isn't your favorite thing, print it, or draw it. Who ever you send it to will be delighted to receive it. Trust me on this.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

End of January - the daily project is almost over

 Here are some of this months letters. They are numbered for the day that they were sent out.

In some cases, I found envelopes that corresponded to the dates. When that happened, I was pretty excited.

I'll post more of the envelopes soon as I up load them.

Have you thought about doing a daily project? Have you completed one.

A thirty day project is quite easy to accomplish, I discovered.

This spring, I'm hoping that there'll be another Creative Sprint and if there is, I hope you'll join me in doing it.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

January 2018 - my daily project

I started my new project.
I'm writing a letter each day of the month (or more than one) and mailing it out using a vintage First Day Cover.

I was given a lot of these envelopes by a friend who "inherited" them from her husband's family. They collected them and stamps when the husband was young.  They are not valuable except, maybe, to a few people. I researched and found this out. I did find two envelopes with autographs by the person who designed the illustration and one with the illustrator and the Post Master General of that time. They sold for a bit of money and I donated the money to a charity.

So far, I've completed 21 letters. I'll post more of the images soon, but these photos give you a taste of what they look like. Oh, and I have to add current postage stamps.

Have you ever done a daily project? For a month, or longer?