Saturday, April 21, 2018

 This week those of us who participated in Creative Sprint last fall, received prompts in preparation for the spring Sprint, which starts May 1.
Please do sign up - HERE. It's completely free to play this international art "game."

So the prompt was that we were to be inspired by what was above us. I looked up and saw our light fixture. I love circles so it was perfect and I love using the Layout App on my phone.  I think it turned out great! What do you think?

 I came upon this sign painted on the side of a plant box in the center of town last week. Pretty important message so I'm sharing it.

I started to play around with pieces of paper and pages from a magazine. I didn't glue anything down, just played. Eventually, I'll make some decisions and glue pieces down. Or not.

Which one do you like most of these "sketches?"

 This is a small collage that I made using one of the hands that I cut apart. I did glue it down. It's standard postcard size, for mail art.
I came across this magazine page while going through my pile of save papers.
It brought back a memory from when I was in college many years ago.

I'd attended school in the city in which I lived, but it was only a branch of the big Uni and had only a year of an art program so I had to transfer to the big school 3 hours away in a rural area. I was very lonely. I knew no one. I went to class, I went to the place I lived, and was feeling very sad,  not knowing if I could continue.

One afternoon, just a few weeks into the semester, I was sitting by the window in the stair well, probably smoking a cigarette (it was a long time ago in a different world!) An older looking guy came out, probably to smoke a cigarette, too, but I can't remember. What I do remember is that he said something like you look sad, what's going on, and, I guess I told him I was a new comer.  He was very nice, he listened, he became a classmate colleague and introduced me to people. He and his wife lived in married student housing, which were quonset huts. Very old timey. His friendship changed everything for me. He never knew that.  Al Loving

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