Thursday, November 12, 2015

Unstuck - now out in Korea!

 My son, Noah Scalin, has had his book UNSTUCK published in Korea. They sent him several copies and we had a good time comparing the two (which are exactly alike except for language, to state the obvious.) What fun!
My 365 Mail Art project was used as a visual on the page talking about 365 projects and Mail Art. The mail art was from 2011, which feels like ancient history now. The website for the project is clearly shown and I'm hoping that some folks in Korea will get interesting in Mail Art and in doing it as a 365 project. We shall see!

Don't forget that you, too, can participate. You can make Mail Art on a regular basis or irregular basis, and even take it on as a daily practice.
It fun.
It's non-judgemental.
It costs only the price of a stamp, if you're like me and use recycled materials.  (and the cost of glue added in)

And more Mail Art

#132 address side
 I had received some old books, in quite bad condition, so I decided the make the covers into Mail Art. The postage is incomplete in this view, FYI.



This minimal piece worked for me. Just a floating scarf and a circle. I love it when just two pieces work.

OR, as in this altered card, just one thing added. Don't those lips look menacing?

Or this person, counting one sheep, perhaps. Just one added bit and the story changes, right?


This black band piece was made specifically for a Mail Art call about justice. You can learn more HERE and perhaps enter a piece.

Mail Art Mail Art Mail Art






Small prints of Tiny Town scene/ATCs? Maybe.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mail Art and my Creative Sprint!


#123 And Day 18



Day 6

Day 9 & Day 21
 All this month of October, I've been participating in the Creative Sprint, which is a project of Another Limited Rebellion (which happens to be the business of our son and daughter.)

It's been a wonderful challenge. I did it last April. I didn't plan to do it this time around but then I just jumped in.
Day 17

Above, Day 18, we were to make something to trade for something we wanted. Well, I always want MAIL!! So I traded for some Mail Art from another Sprinter!

Day 6, we were to make something with our eyes closed. I chose the pencils with eyes, closed and made a portrait. I even put the brush of water on with out seeing where I was doing it. I really like the results!

Day 9, we were to take something apart and make something new from it. I opened up a cracker box, made a weaving through it and then put it together inside out.

On Day 21, we were to make something and send it through the mail. Easy Peasy as kids used to say a long time ago, easy peasy for me. I made a water color landscape, put it in the Day 9 box, added a bunched up plastic bag for padding, and sealed it up all over with packing tape. It made it through the mail, arriving at it's destination today!
Yay, USPS. Three day journey only.

On Day 17, we were to teach someone how to do something. I taught people who had basic knitting skills how to make a pair of simple fingerless gloves.

I think a couple people might try it. I hope they do and show me the results.

You can see all of my Creative Sprint things in my Instagram Gallery.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Mail Art and such.

 A card from my friend B Kapp in Chicago. She cheers me up with her dots and colors.


I'm participating in the fall #Creativesprint. Every day we get a prompt. On day 12, we had to do something backwards. I wrote my grocery list backwards and used a mirror to check it. Not back after I slowed down and focused. Oh, yes, people, that's a life lesson right there!! Don't you think?

Day 14 #CreativeChallenge

 I participated in an Add to and return for the Ray Johnson project.

You can do this to, if you'd like.
Just print out the forms and do it.
Click HERE.

Adding to the Mail Art - A slow but steady year.

 This year, I will not get 365 pieces of Mail Art completed. So it goes. I was out of commission for a bit this year, which set me back but even so, I'm no where near my usual out put.

And because of that, I'm not getting as many in-coming pieces of Mail Art. This makes for a sad mail box. SO, I'm going to get busy and ---





make more and send more. That's the solution!

Card #120 was inspired by Hannah Hoch. See an example of her work below. She's one of my favorite collage artists, and I'm a member of her fan club.

Hannah Hoch

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

More Mail Art, of course!

 I've had a lot of fun collection hands, eyes, and mouths from magazines.

 What do you think? A whole image is formed right? You can see what the entire face looks like.

A friend sent me this eraser card. I wasn't sure how I'd alter it, but the addition of this head really changed this into a narrative piece.  I posted it on Facebook for my Mail Art Monday post and asked for captions. I got some really good ones.

Do want to suggest a caption?

I've been meaning to share this received mail with you. The envelope appeared to have been water damaged then dried out. It was sent to me from Puerto Rico in August but wasn't received until September, long after our friends had returned.

I showed them the envelopes before I opened them It's amazing that they arrived at our home. Amazing.

Catching up on Mail Art + a little workshop




At Main Library

Workshop participants

Altered postcard

Altered card and magazine cover

Altered cards

Altered card

Altered card

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

More Mail Art exhibit and the UCI world championships

window display

Window display

View from sidwalk
Miss Z viewing time trials

A rider rounding the turn, Time Trials

Screen shot of team time trials