Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Odd and Ends

Patter of Amtrak Train views
I've been playing some more with the Layout App on my phone. It's such fun!
Pattern of my rain hat on a red chair

 These are all part of my Creative Sprint solutions.

A few days ago, the prompt was to make something in public then leave it there. So I made a small collage while in the library and left it there. I hope who ever found it, enjoyed getting it.

 Our cat, Bizoo looks very regal. He turned his back to the TV which was tuned to the Royal wedding.
I've been writing postcards to get out the Vote here in the U.S.A. I write for different candidates but all are Democrats. It's been very satisfying and feels like I'm doing something real. And I'm using really nice postcards. Maybe the recipients will keep them for awhile.

This is a perfect action for me as I love writing postcards and sending mail, plus I can do this from home.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

 This week those of us who participated in Creative Sprint last fall, received prompts in preparation for the spring Sprint, which starts May 1.
Please do sign up - HERE. It's completely free to play this international art "game."

So the prompt was that we were to be inspired by what was above us. I looked up and saw our light fixture. I love circles so it was perfect and I love using the Layout App on my phone.  I think it turned out great! What do you think?

 I came upon this sign painted on the side of a plant box in the center of town last week. Pretty important message so I'm sharing it.

I started to play around with pieces of paper and pages from a magazine. I didn't glue anything down, just played. Eventually, I'll make some decisions and glue pieces down. Or not.

Which one do you like most of these "sketches?"

 This is a small collage that I made using one of the hands that I cut apart. I did glue it down. It's standard postcard size, for mail art.
I came across this magazine page while going through my pile of save papers.
It brought back a memory from when I was in college many years ago.

I'd attended school in the city in which I lived, but it was only a branch of the big Uni and had only a year of an art program so I had to transfer to the big school 3 hours away in a rural area. I was very lonely. I knew no one. I went to class, I went to the place I lived, and was feeling very sad,  not knowing if I could continue.

One afternoon, just a few weeks into the semester, I was sitting by the window in the stair well, probably smoking a cigarette (it was a long time ago in a different world!) An older looking guy came out, probably to smoke a cigarette, too, but I can't remember. What I do remember is that he said something like you look sad, what's going on, and, I guess I told him I was a new comer.  He was very nice, he listened, he became a classmate colleague and introduced me to people. He and his wife lived in married student housing, which were quonset huts. Very old timey. His friendship changed everything for me. He never knew that.  Al Loving

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Mas Mexico y some other memories

Botanical Garden - El Charco

la Parrochia

garden at La Casa del Puesta del Sol



Instituto Allende 

In front of the rented casa
 We stayed up above the center of San Miguel de Allende in an area called Los Arcos, which was colonia Atascadero.

It was such a steep walk down, and then up, that I didn't even attempt it, though my honey and daughter did.  We took cabs or called a car. I always jumped in as co-pilota so I could have the "thrill of the ride" like a Montaña Rusa.

I was always able to have conversations with the drivers and learn about the city, the neighborhood, the people. I'm so happy that I can speak Spanish, because de lo contrario, not everyone speaks English there. Even though there's a large ex-pat population, it doesn't feel like it, but it makes it easier for people like my honey who has a small Spanish vocabulary.

Add caption
Now to some older memories - someone posted about a postcard company and they had great cards from my home town. I fell in love with the illustrations. And even though I make my own postcards for Mail Art, I ordered a bunch to send to my family and friends who grew up there, too. There's the theatre that did live shows and I ushered there in high school, and Navy Pier, which is now an amusement park but I went to University on it. We used to say, the only school that could be torpedoed. I think it went out 3/4 of a mile into the lake.
And the El train that I traveled on my whole life, as kids we took the train by ourselves to get to the ice skating arena and go to the beach. Who'd let a kid do that now? It helped us to be independent and comfident, for sure. And the fabulous Art Institute, where we were taken to see the art, even as little children, and my honey went to school there. I can remember the paintings by Seurat, Degas, Renoir, which I think is what drew me to study art. Such memories. The company has other places, too. Check out their website. It's actually a family owned business, which made it extra attractive to support. Click HERE to get there.

Adios, hasta luego, mas fotos de Mexico en el futuro, tal vez.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Like a dream - February in Mexico

A Perfect cactus!

View from the terrace

Terrace view
 We had a wonderful two week vacation in San Miguel de Allende.
 Pasamos dos maravillosas semanas en San Miguel de Allende.

on the terrace
Mail Art on Cactus
 Here are a few photos of the house we rented and some of the Mail Art that I made. I wanted to take that cactus home with me.

La casa que alquilamos fue perfecta para nosotros. Luminoso con luz y una pequeña piscina/alberca climatizada con energía solar para relajarse.

Mail art on cactus

Mail art on cactus

Monday, February 05, 2018

I'm done.

Well, friends, my lovely month long project ended.

I have many First Day Covers left so I'll be writing more letters but not on a daily basis, until some fancy to do so strikes me again.

I've heard from recipients and even gotten a couple letters in return. It's been very satisfying.

Try it, write some letters. Find a pen or two you really enjoy writing with. If cursive isn't your favorite thing, print it, or draw it. Who ever you send it to will be delighted to receive it. Trust me on this.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

End of January - the daily project is almost over

 Here are some of this months letters. They are numbered for the day that they were sent out.

In some cases, I found envelopes that corresponded to the dates. When that happened, I was pretty excited.

I'll post more of the envelopes soon as I up load them.

Have you thought about doing a daily project? Have you completed one.

A thirty day project is quite easy to accomplish, I discovered.

This spring, I'm hoping that there'll be another Creative Sprint and if there is, I hope you'll join me in doing it.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

January 2018 - my daily project

I started my new project.
I'm writing a letter each day of the month (or more than one) and mailing it out using a vintage First Day Cover.

I was given a lot of these envelopes by a friend who "inherited" them from her husband's family. They collected them and stamps when the husband was young.  They are not valuable except, maybe, to a few people. I researched and found this out. I did find two envelopes with autographs by the person who designed the illustration and one with the illustrator and the Post Master General of that time. They sold for a bit of money and I donated the money to a charity.

So far, I've completed 21 letters. I'll post more of the images soon, but these photos give you a taste of what they look like. Oh, and I have to add current postage stamps.

Have you ever done a daily project? For a month, or longer?

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Oh Dear, the year is ending. Good bye 2017!

Needs a caption, right?

The year ends, I did a lot of stuff.
I made mail art continuously though not every day. I did may be 150 + but I made other stuff. Mainly, a lot of knit mitts, because I was buying a lot of cool yarn and knitting was keeping me from getting crazy about politics.

He let everything go to his head!
Map of our favorite beach area
We went to the Outer Banks (OBX) for a holiday at Thanksgiving. We didn't plan on it because of financial constraints then said, oh dang, let's do it, so we did. Three days, the five of us. It was very nice. We walked on the beach, went to the giant dunes (Jockeys Ridge) and cooked and baked.

A sign on the OBX

The Atlantic at the OBX

The GrandGirl and her toy bat

Bizoo misses us when we leave though he's got a come-by care-giver.  He's also having some physical problem that has caused him to not urinate in his box, he uses the bathroom sink. Grrrr. Oh if only I had the patience to teach him to use the toilet, and flush it, too. ha ha

The Grand Girl continues to delight us, even though she's gotten a bit sassy at times.  Normal stuff, which is funny, and, thankfully, easily changed.
She's my cleaner-upper, baking assistant, art studio companion, and all around joy producing little person. She never fails to make us laugh, think, wonder, and feel grateful for her presence in our lives.

Happy New year, Bonne Année, Feliz año nuevo. May the year ahead be better than the last.  See you in 2018.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Be Nice

 A couple images that I was able to pull off my phone. The most recent images don't show up in blogger for me to post. Frustrating, it's just frustrating, but so it goes.

BE NICE is actually a framed tea towel that I saw in a gallery in Paris last month. I didn't note the artist's name and I can't enlarge the photo enough to read the label. Maybe you can.

In any case, I like the admonition. It's especially powerful in our current political climate in the United States.
These legs are from a series that I did at a couple of art exhibits in Paris. I like to sit and watch people and I snap photos of feet. I think that I'll make a book of these, but I never do. I have lots of photos like this that I've taken over the years.

Maybe I'll make a book, someday. or not.

Oh and something very cool to share - My son made a shop where you can buy cool stuff with his cool images on them. Check it out HERE.


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Creative Sprint - I'm sprinting along.

Homage to Josef Albers

Jakarta MicroGralleries
So Creative Sprint is sprinting along, and I'm doing each day as the prompt pops up.

 I can't remember which day that was for, but it was prompted by my remembering how much my art foundation year was so informative to my life as an artist and a teacher.

My profs had been educated by men who immigrated to the U.S. to escape Nazi Germany. They were teachers at the Bauhaus academy and brought their knowledge with them where they could all get teaching or professional jobs. How fortunate for all of us.

My teachers learned from them and passed it along to me. I remember how profound the feeling when I viewed the slides that Josef Albers showed to our Art History class. He was invited by our teacher, Canio Radice (who wore bowties to class and I think might have smoked a cigar.) I don't remember much about Albers, silly 18 year old that I was, but I remember the impact the slides of his projects had on me.

The second photo was taken in Jakarta. The organizer of MicroGalleries enlarged our favorite of my cards, and also made postcard sized copies of it for people to write on. I don't know what they wrote or where they sent them, but isn't this so cool?