Altered vintage cards and a MURAL!


Landscape Beautification Project - new series 2019

The Landscape Beautification Project places large art works into the landscape to offer the public an unusual viewing experience.

Sometimes, it's quite disconcerting, such as the Dam project.

At times, the installation presents a monumental headache but so far there have been no fatalities amongst the installers or the viewers.

This project will continue as long as the appropriate images can be secured for specific locations.

Ah, yes, it's definitely been site specific.

If you have any suggestions as to artists or locations, feel free to contact the LBP.



"Business" cards

I decided to have some "business" cards made from some of my collages. I had a bunch of the sunglasses series and several of the butterfly hand series on a thumb drive. I took it to a local printer and look what I got!! So fun. The large image is a 4" x 6" postcard. Next time, I'll make a bunch with that image since it's one of my favorites.

I'll take these to Kolaj Fest.  I'm very excited to be going back to New Orleans, and about going to this event. I'm hoping to meet some folks with whom I've exchanged Mailart.

I'm BAAACK - where have I been so long??

I've been writing a lot of postcards to get out the vote. Campaigns are listed through #postcardstovoters and are for candidates all over the country. If you're in the U.S. and interested in writing, you can join by sending an e-mail to

The portrait of me was done by the grandgirl while at home and brought over as a gift. It wasn't from life, but from memory, she said.

I gave the grandgirl three words to write a poem from - she wrote phonetically. See if you can read it.

This view of the two buildings and the statue are sometimes the best view on my drive to Battery Park. The light hits them just right. I was driving so it was difficult to capture, and a bit dangerous, yes, I know.

Have you ever taken photos from your car while driving?

New Mail Art collages

This one went to someone in the U.K. who joined my circles group on IUOMA.

This one I wrote a long caption - Something like this: The appearance of the large painting disturbed the tranqility of the lake. The observers were quite perplexed.

Ha ha ha

For #14, I wrote something like, the postage stamps fell to earth like blades, causing dismay.
This was an not a natural phenomenon. I sent it to someone in Belgium so I wrote the caption in French.

ha ha ha

The freaking looking animal creature, was made for an exhibit about fakes, frauds, or something like that, in New Hampshire.

I amuse myself with these collage Mail Art pieces. Do they make you laugh?