Monday, August 28, 2023

How did I get into this?

I was asked when I started doing Mailart. Good question. Like many artists, I was making and mailing art without even knowing it had a name or was a "thing." I'd send to my friends and to family. Decorated envelopes mainly, but I have no record of them. We do have a record of what my now husband sent me when he was "wooing" me, as I saved them. Beautifully collaged envelopes.He's framed them! And has even had them included them in his solo exhibitions. 

Officially, I became involved in Mailart, with a capital M, when I went back to teaching art as an adjunct in a university foundation program in 2000. I'd been away from teaching and from making art for 15 years because I started a business unrelated to art making. 

I made art in my head only. I had long drives on not very busy highways, so I keep busy in my mind making stuff. BUT when I got back to teaching art, I felt kind of like an imposter artist. I had nothing to show for those years of art making in my head. What to do what to do. Our son had introduced me to PostcardX, which was an early (2000?) online group of people who exchanged postcards. That was fun. BUT the best thing, they chatted about ATCs and Mailart and I was "what the heck is that?" Well, it was a perfect way to start out with my freshman students it turned out.  

Recent Mailart
Sent to Italy for a Mailart call, a blue themed mosaic.

I began to make small collages, postcard and ATCs and realized that I could create experiences for these new art students that were not intimidating, that didn't require perfection, that were accessible, and fun, and it worked. The students took to these experiences and soon were producing larger works having been freed up from whatever.  

And I then connected with IUOMA (the International Union of Mail Artists) but can't remember who told me about that or how I found it. I began to enter Mailart "calls" to send work out to be in exhibits in other countries, or US locations. And I even had some exhibits myself. Small work led to bigger work. But over the years, I've stayed small as I have a small work area. 

Altered vintage postcard
I tried to find to find examples of my really early pieces but, we didn't have the capability then to archive on the internet.

What I enjoy doing - altering old postcards, using bits from magazines, text, and circles, lots of circles. 

I did 3, yes three, 365 day projects with Mailart. Instigated by a young friend in England and I was up for the challenge. It got me into my little studio EVERY DAY and that was the best thing that happened, plus I ended up with a self-referencing archive. Here are  a couple links to Flickr albums. Hope they work.

PS I actually met the man who started Artist Trading Cards!! An artist from Zurich Switzerland named M.Vançi Stirnemann. We were all in the same building for an artist residency in Paris one year. I was like a crazed fan meeting some famous pop music group. 

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

A new series

 I decided to recycle some Virginia Museum of Fine Arts monthly magazines. I created this series using bits from the publication. It was a lot of fun matching faces with backgrounds. And then I just had to add a word or thought bubble. I make myself laugh when I do this. What do you think? 

Thursday, July 20, 2023

A couple of Add and Pass books

 These were received from International Union of Mail Artists colleagues. I added to them and passed along to others. A lot of fun, and it's quick and easy. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Some recent In-coming Mail Art

From Shmuel in Vermont. The front had some postal service markings but who cares. I colored with colored pencil but the surface didn't take them very well. Who cares. I haven't decided where I want to put this or to whom I'll send it. I quite like it.

Fike (Ficus Strangulensis) sends the most interesting mailings and a nice note always.
Ed, from up in Concrete, WA, USA, has send a stamped portrait. Looks like linocut maybe. I like it.
Adam Roussopolos, who has sent a lot of us rubber stamps and a portrait.
Bonnie Diva sent me on of her very fun Zines.

Now to respond to people so I can keep getting mail!

You can do this mailart thing, too. Check out IUOMA- International Union of Mail Artists 

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Recent mailart-out bound


I have a lot of fun with old postcards that I add word bubbles to, making up stories on the reverse but the recipient can add what ever words they want to the bubbles.
The ink samples were made by Diane Hale. She sent me full sheets, like stamps. I framed one set, and am using the others for collages.
Not sure where this one got sent to but I really like how it turned out.
Another piece with Diana's ink samples. She made the inks!!

Monday, November 14, 2022

Some mail Art

This is the reverse of the sunflower piece I sent to a mailart call in Ukraine, It’s organized by Roman Golub (no relation) I sent in an envelope not knowing how long it would be in transit and I didn’t want it to get beat up. 
I used a photo I’d taken at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art in the summer and extended it using Derwent Inktense pencils. I hope it arrives safely. 
UPDATE: This piece arrived in Ukraine. It took only a month. I'm so happy.
I altered a postcard of a planet using circles and lining up the “images” on them to the edges of the planet. I liked how it turned out. 

 A friend added to my collection of old postcards and another friend sent me a note on the back of a page from a vintage book about mushrooms. One seemed appropriate for altering the postcard. It made me laugh and I hope the recipient laughs too. 

We need more laughter these days. What makes you laugh? 

How did I get into this?

I was asked when I started doing Mailart. Good question. Like many artists, I was making and mailing art without even knowing it had a name ...