Sunday, January 31, 2016

Finishing up January 2016, WOW!






Zinn's altered card

Zinn's collage as an Add and Pass
Here's a group of my abstract collage Mail Art pieces made from scraps on my table. Love calling them my table scrap collages.  #30 is an alteration of a show card for an exhibit in 2008, of sculpture by our friend, Keith Long. I sent it to him, won't he be surprised!
#32 is for Connie Jean's on-going squirrel art exhibit.

Zinn was playing at my studio table and, as usual, wanted to collage on a card. She chose the pig card to alter. "I need some small people to go on this card," she told me. And She made up a story, which I wrote on the reverse.
Anyone want to receive this card? Let me know. Her parents aren't archiving all of her work, so I'm sending out, after scanning.
She also made this collage from more of the bits on my table. I decided to make it into an Add and Pass which I'm sending to one of my Mail Art buddies. Miss Z has quite the eye, doesn't she. She'll be 3 mid-March, just to give this some perspective.

I'm learning from her, as well as her observing what I do.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Altered cards, captions anyone?





A friend sent me these postcards that she'd collected in San Francisco a few years ago.

                      I immediately set to work altering them.  As I found images to collage onto them, I found my self laughing at the captions that came into my mind.

Do you have any to offer?

A good way to archive my makings. More Mail Art.





These were all made using scraps that were on my studio table. I had such a good time making them.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

#18 and a guest Mail Artist.


Zinn #1

Zinn #2

birthday cakes
With #18, I returned to making an abstract collage, using scraps left from cutting things out. I really like how this looks and if I were still painting, I'd use this as a sketch for a large painting. In my mind only, now.

My grand girl was hanging out in my studio and said she wanted to glue a woman on a card too. I let her choose a couple postcards and anything from my pile of scraps. Card #1 she said was her mother and father looking at the sunset. She was down on the beach with us, her grands. This is based on our time at the beach in November when we saw the most spectacular sunsets on Currituck Sound. (OBX, North Carolina)

Card #2 the paintings on the lower right represent her mother and father. The large woman is also her mother and the postage stamp is a mural on the wall that goes up into the sky.  

The cakes are a collaboration we did last week. She wanted to make cakes to put into a toy that she was pretending was an oven. She told me what colors to make the plate, the cake,  the frosting, the candles and even what "cake topper." This from a child who has NEVER eaten cake. She'll be 3 in March. Toward the end, I got her to put the frosting on the top, and the candles. I added the flames. Yesterday, I got her to make the all parts except the plate. I figure, she'll eventually make cakes on her own.

What do you think?

Keeping on, almost daily Mail Art 2016!






Here are the altered cards done over the past 6 days. I was going through a bunch of my postcards, which are in a drawer unsorted, and found a few from the last time we were in Paris. I don't know who I was going to send the Paris card to, but I'd circle the building we use to stay in during the artist residencies. I decided to put a big girl on Ile de la cite.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Catching up with showing you my 2016 cards so far.






Mail Art, Mail Art, Mail Art - So much fun!


2016 #3

2016 #4
 The first pieces of 2016, except #1 which I posted previously.

I altered a card that our friend sent to us to tell us of his open house. He makes wonderful ceramics.

2016 -#6

Here I altered a very old postcard from Russia when it was the USSR. There are postage stamps on the reverse but the card was never used.

I got into adding big people again, so it seems! Here a figure over looks a lovely landscape in Arizona, USA.

I still have a few card left from the time the fine arts museum had a huge sale. It was when I purchased all of the Tiny Town postcard. It took awhile before I could find the right thing to alter it with. I think the woman looks quite splended in the grapes. Don't you?

Here's another BIG person, walking in water. I"m called her Big Martha for some reason. It was one of my grandmother's names, and I've been thinking about her a lot lately.
She came to America as a young woman but I can't find much information about her or her background. Oh well.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

I found the missing Mail Art!!

2015 - #139 through #144
These cards were sent out for International Banana recognition day. I snapped a photo in my super market. A great display of lots of bananas! I printed out the photos and added a circle or a square and the words "I'm going bananas." A good a title as any.

And here are some images of some of my incoming Mail Art. So many lovely gifts of mail. I can't thank the senders fast enough.
Stripy Goose in the U.K., La Marquesa, Terry Owenby, Jim Leftwich, Brooke Bauer, in the USA,  Kerosene in Canada, and Dean, my dear Artist in Seine, in Paris.

Maybe I've caught up!


2015 - #157


2015 - un-numbered sent as secret santa card

Zinn's sticker collage Mail Art 2015
It appears that I've made 157 numbered pieces of Mail Art in 2015. There were a few not numbered like the one at the left, and several "holiday" Peace cards - maybe 6 or 8 of those. A good year of Mail Art.
And I started the new year by making a card on day 3!

The last image was an altered piece of Mail Art that I'd received from Ti Ar Raden in France. My grand girl covered it with stickers! I sent it back to Ti Ar with a note of explanation. It was an Add and return, I'd say.

Happy 2016! Here we go again!

More catching-up on Mail Art



 Now these are out of sequence but I'm not going to bother to put them in order, too late at night, too much eye strain, oh yes, my excuses.

And, I'm missing images for numbers
151 and 152. This is so weird! I made the cards, I know I did.
Yet, I seem not to have scanned or photographed them, how not like me,
but then how not like me to not post
to this blog for 6 weeks, right?

Do you love my bird series? I do.

One of the things I did during my hiatus from blogging was to clean out my music cabinet. I had lots of sheet music and books that I'd inherited from a friend's deceased mother. Much of it duplicates of what I owned already and others not anything I'd play.
So, collage material! Plus I sent a lot of it off to other collage artists.
Whew, what a relief to do that clean out.

The other thing I did, was clean out my yarn stash. All the little bits of wool yarn I sent to my friend Guido, who makes cool hats with them. Yay, for another end of year clear out.


Number 149, I made one day while the grand-girl was hanging out with me. I used her left overs from sticker.

She made some fun cards with the sticky circles that had birds on them.

Now she's in a new phase. No overlapping.