Sunday, January 31, 2016

Finishing up January 2016, WOW!






Zinn's altered card

Zinn's collage as an Add and Pass
Here's a group of my abstract collage Mail Art pieces made from scraps on my table. Love calling them my table scrap collages.  #30 is an alteration of a show card for an exhibit in 2008, of sculpture by our friend, Keith Long. I sent it to him, won't he be surprised!
#32 is for Connie Jean's on-going squirrel art exhibit.

Zinn was playing at my studio table and, as usual, wanted to collage on a card. She chose the pig card to alter. "I need some small people to go on this card," she told me. And She made up a story, which I wrote on the reverse.
Anyone want to receive this card? Let me know. Her parents aren't archiving all of her work, so I'm sending out, after scanning.
She also made this collage from more of the bits on my table. I decided to make it into an Add and Pass which I'm sending to one of my Mail Art buddies. Miss Z has quite the eye, doesn't she. She'll be 3 mid-March, just to give this some perspective.

I'm learning from her, as well as her observing what I do.

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