Tuesday, January 19, 2016

#18 and a guest Mail Artist.


Zinn #1

Zinn #2

birthday cakes
With #18, I returned to making an abstract collage, using scraps left from cutting things out. I really like how this looks and if I were still painting, I'd use this as a sketch for a large painting. In my mind only, now.

My grand girl was hanging out in my studio and said she wanted to glue a woman on a card too. I let her choose a couple postcards and anything from my pile of scraps. Card #1 she said was her mother and father looking at the sunset. She was down on the beach with us, her grands. This is based on our time at the beach in November when we saw the most spectacular sunsets on Currituck Sound. (OBX, North Carolina)

Card #2 the paintings on the lower right represent her mother and father. The large woman is also her mother and the postage stamp is a mural on the wall that goes up into the sky.  

The cakes are a collaboration we did last week. She wanted to make cakes to put into a toy that she was pretending was an oven. She told me what colors to make the plate, the cake,  the frosting, the candles and even what "cake topper." This from a child who has NEVER eaten cake. She'll be 3 in March. Toward the end, I got her to put the frosting on the top, and the candles. I added the flames. Yesterday, I got her to make the all parts except the plate. I figure, she'll eventually make cakes on her own.

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