Monday, August 29, 2016

My creative offspring have done it again!

My creative offspring have done a book together. It'll be out in spring of 2017 but is available for pre-order on Amazon. It's based on their successful Creative Sprint project.
You can be a part of the project. It's FREE! The next one starts in October. You just have to sign up at Creative Sprint HERE. 

I participated twice and it was a lot of fun, and even though I make art daily, I was inspired by their prompts and ended up with a lot of ideas for new work. Try it, really, you'll like it.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Some collage stuff, some mail art, and my cat.



A booklet from Fleur

one page

A second page
 I received a beautifully made accordian book from Fleur Helsingor, Mail Artist extrordinaire. I'm sorry that I didn't take a photo showing the folded our book. It was made from an old booklet that she'd had as a kid, from a science kit. Very cool.

She sent it as an Add and Pass along.

So I added to two pages, One opening the book in one direction and one page going the other direction, if that makes sense.

Rather than physical science, I used natural sciences for my entries.

Botany, biology, and entymology. Gosh, I hope that's the right word for the study of insects. I can't believe that I didn't look it up.

I tried to make the entry look like something old, by adding little letters by each bit, like in an old science book.

I'm please with the results. I hope Fleur wll be, too.  I'm sending the book on today to another participant.
 After breakfast, we noticed that Bizoo was in the front room on his favorite cloth. He appears not to be able to keep his eyes open.

We went upstairs to our studios.

After a bit, I went into my honey's studio to look at something he was working on and there was Bizoo.

He'd made his way upstairs to be near us and
had fallen asleep.
 He's so long, isn't he?
Oh, changed positions to take up less room.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Having FUN!

 I sent one or two of my altered landscape postcards to Elke Grundmann, in Germany, over the years. She sent me some in return. I decided to add to her card and return it to her. Maybe she'll alter it again and return it to me.  I added the peeking person.

I had a lot of fun putting together three things.

Sun glasses, lips and hands. These two cards make me smile.  Especially #118 for some reason. Is there one that made you smile more than the other?

As I mentioned before, I was doing a bit of studio cleaning up, and found a couple of Sark sheets  that I couldn't throw away. I sent one to someone with out altering and then decided to make one into an Add and Pass sheet. I hope it gets back to me eventually so I can see what people added to it. Do any of you remember Sark. She was sooo popular for awhile.
 My friend Erni Bär, in Hamburg, sends me collages - 100 years of DADA -  and I've been altering them and returning them to him. He seems to enjoy what I do with them. He posts them on Google + .

Here's his most recent send to me, and what I did with it. I'm pretty pleased with my alteration.

 I'm continuting with my eMail Art. This one is from last week. I'm making frequent use of the cut out ART and the arms.
So here's a photo of the wall at the exhibit at the Guggenheim NYC, where we were a few weeks back. We went up specifically to see two exhibits. DadaGlobe at MoMA and this exhibit.

We were very emotional about it. My husband and I both did our foundation art year together at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Our instructors were people who had studied under Moholy-Nagy at the school he created, The Institute of Design.

Going through the exhibit, we could see how much he influenced our own work. I said to my husband - We're his grandchildren!! Our design lineage. It was quite emotional actually seeing where we came from.
Have you ever had this kind of experience?

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Some fun discoveries - student work

Student 1
 I was doing some house cleaning in my studio, and came across a folder with copies of work done by my students. These were just photo copies that I'd made on the copier at work, to have a record. However, there were no names and no dates on any of the work.

Here are a few of them. More to come.
These were done in my Basic Design class in early 2000s. There were done without use of a computer. All cut and paste. They were done to demonstrate the principles of basic design.
student 2
 I'm blown away by them. They're amazing and I only hope that the students who did these got an "A" from me. So far, no one has come forth (via social media) to claim any as their own.
student 3
 Here are some of the principles: Gravity, space, direction, and concentration.

Which is your favorite!
student 4

student 5

Monday, August 01, 2016

First day of a new month!



Mail Art by Miss Z

Arms and Art

Arms and Lips

The grand girl, Miss Z, was sitting at the studio table with me while I was making Mail Art. She wanted to make some, also, and used what she found at hand. She's really good at using a glue stick and a burnisher (she's only 3!!) and know what she wants regarding composition. She, also, has a sense of humor!
    The Arms are a part of my eMail Art series. I'm having fun with it and when I don't have Global postage handy, I can send one of these.
   Pink is an old card of mine from 2004. I'd printed up some of my collages into cards and I just found this one this morning. I altered with a pink postage stamp and am sending it to the Pink Mail Art call by Tofu.  Find more information HERE.