Thursday, January 07, 2010

The studio, the wall, and penmanship

Today, I decided to put my studio in order (again) and was having such fun, seriously, finding bits and pieces of things I wanted to put into collages, that I had to stop and make a postcard to send to Katerina in Thessaloniki! Then I put new stuff on my wall, my REAL wall, then I thought of Andy in the U.K., who is doing the same (This photo is for you, Andy.) A good day in the studio! I got a really nice gift from a friend....a pen set. It's a reproduction kind of thing. A cool box holding pens, one is glass, pen points, and ink. She must have known that I'd actually use it. I added some additional Speedball points that I had. My penmanship needs improvement, which will happen with this set as it requires that I slow down when I write. Okay, so here's to better penmanship in 2010.


phonelady said...

Oh yes here is to better penmanship indeed . God bless and what a lovely gift . Lucky you .

Lesa said...

What a gorgeous box and pen set. Where do you suppose your friend found it?

Your wall is gorgeous!

Moonshadow said...

I want to thank you for commenting on my KSBornTalent blog in November. That's a really nice pen box that you received, I didn't have much luck writing with real pen and ink when I tried years ago. May have to try again sometime. I'm interested in checking out more of your crafts so I'll be back when I have more time to browse. :)