Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dramatic Dog Rescue

We were glued to the television set yesterday watching a dog, who had somehow gotten caught in the Los Angeles river, usually a cement trench with a trickle of water, but because of the storms it was a raging, swift moving river. The poor dog was walking back and forth on thin pipe or ledge right in the middle. Some fire fighters were on a bridge trying to scare the dog into walking down to another bridge where there were other rescuers ready to rappel down to catch it. The dog headed that way, but the water got deeper and faster and the poor critter couldn't get a visual on pipe/ledge so he went back to where he could see it. The dog was shaking. A helicopter came, but there were over-head power lines, so they couldn't lower anyone. The dog got more frightened and started walking down to the 2nd bridge, we were so scared for it, that it'd step into a hole and drown or get swept away. Finally, he walked toward the side, but it was too steep, though a 100 yards down he probably could have climbed up, the announcer said. The helicopter at that point was in a place where it could lower the firefighter, who grabbed the frightened dog. The dog bit the firefighter numerous times, but the rescuer never let go and the helicopter lifted man and dog and flew to the bridge. Once lowered to the roadway, a number of rescuers surrounded the dog, sedated him it looked like because he looked limp as they carried him to the rescue vehicle. It was VERY dramatic. You can see the rest of the photos that I took of the incident HERE.

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Lesa said...

Wow, thanks for sharing this. I missed it somehow and I love a happy ending!