Thursday, January 14, 2010

More time at Mom's

In my mom's bedroom there are three framed prints that take me back to when I was a little girl. I was happy to see them again. These are the images that, along with my cousin Don's comic book heroes, I drew incessantly. I credit them with my ability to draw. ha ha ha. No, for real. I drew these ballerinas over and over again. Here is my younger sister's favorite one of the three. I spotted this little metal tray covering mom's tube of knitting needles. We all need some sunshine! Outside of Mom's door is this statue, left by the previous tenants and way too heavy to move. Cement! Last night, my sister and her husband had date night for the first time in ages. One of her daughter's came by and hung out with mom and me. She brought yummy Viet Namese food for dinner, which sadly, I didn't take photos of because, yes, I just started to eat it because it looked and smelled so delicious. Forget the camera, grab the chop sticks!

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phonelady said...

I love the statue . that is just awesome . No way would I want to move that at all . Let it stay .