Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Snow Day

We woke this morning to find that the sun was out and the snow had finally stopped falling.
Because the back porch door had stayed closed, we had snow piled against the outside of it. Look at that height!
I started to cook and to prep for baking. While I was in the warm kitchen, my honey worked his way to the garage, got the shovel and cleared, first the back walk, then the front walk. He was pretty pleased with himself.
He had lots of layers and said that he didn't feel the cold at all. Hmmm, okay, but to me 21F is quite cold, no matter how many layers I have on.
The Carrot Cheese cake turned out really nicely. Here's a picture of how a small slice looked. Very moist and cheesy. Last night's potato soup turned out good, too. Today, I made a tomato sauce and am making chocolate chip cookies right now. I added pecans and dried cranberries to them. I like being my own prep chef, using all my little bowls to set up my ingredients. It's like: make believe I'm doing a TV cooking show. I'm going to bring some of the cookies around the corner to my little neighbors. Yes, I plan to step outside! With enough layers, I think I can make it around the corner and back home without feeling too arctic.


Found art blog said...

I like cheesey cake!!! I went to london at the weekend, it's on the beaniemouse blog!

Anke Martin said...

Wow, that is a lot of snow! I got quite some snow too the last days but today back to rain and all of it turns into a weird mud.....
Your cake looks delicious! I did a cake today too, I'm not snowed in but mudded in, the roads are in bad conditions so I stayed home today!
Enjoy knitting, smiles, Anke ;)