Monday, December 22, 2014

Good Grief! A month has gone by?

 What a busy month it's been.

I was knitting lots and lots in preparation for a pop-up shop, making finger-less gloves, giving myself some sort of on-the-job wrist stress!

But it all worked out well, as my Etsy shop is empty, the pop-up shop sale was a success, but I still have a few pairs mitts at NEST! Stop by there if you're in RVA.

Mail Art still happening, too.  #210 has a throw-back look, doesn't it. I'm making lots more using the prints made for both C's and my pages from the Artist Coloring book. Fun to alter, as I've said before.



 I made my "Peace" cards again this season. Adding swashes of Inktense color to them.

I numbered them but didn't scan them individually except for this one. So far this year, while not doing a piece of Mail Art daily, I managed to make over 250 pieces, with a few more to come. My experiences with my 365 projects has made my practice of getting into my studio such a normal part of my life. There's no question that I'll go in daily and make something, even if it's not Mail Art.

We celebrated one night of Chanukah with friends, at Perly's Deli. We enjoyed a little carafe of bubbly, and a whole lot of delish food. If you're in our neighborhood, go there and eat!

We were delighted by our grand's delight at all the candles. Our niece & nephew hosted their annual gathering with many candles and excellent latkes.

It's been a wonderful year, full of lots of enjoyable experiences. How lucky we are and we know it!

Happy and healthy New Year to all of you, just in case it's another month before I post again.

Here's a photo of Bizoo, contemplating the world outside.