Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Friend Slash

Our friend Slash Coleman sent us an e-mail to let us know that he's been selected to do his one person show in an off Broadway theatre. Woo Hoo, hooray! We're so happy for him that I had to share this news for anyone who might be in the vicinity and can go see him.
He'll be at the Teatro La Tea (Clemente Soto Velez Cutural Center) at 107 Suffolk St. on the lower east side, April 10 and April 22. You can get details at Slash's web site. Happy for you, Slash!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Seeing Jem Cohen

Last week, I was able to attend a lecture by Jem Cohen at VCU. Mica said he was amazing and go see him, if possible. Possible, we did, and really enjoyed his presentation. I found this interview with him that related to the talk he gave at VCU. Both Chuck and I connected to his talking about his films as being collages and found his images to be so beautifully framed. Now to rent some of the films!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Pink tree, yellow daffies

Spring was here, briefly. It was 80F (26C) for a couple days. Our tree blossoms, magically, almost instantly. It was gorgeous. In the alley behind the house, there are daffodils in bloom. Today, it's cold, rainy, sleety, windy. I'm so glad I have these images to remind me of how absolutely breath taking our tree was yesterday.

more mosaics, NYC

I thought it was so excellent to see more mosaics in NYC. I thought the ones in the subway were beautiful, elegant, but these, on the building by Two Boots and the Pioneer Theatre were so exhuberant. I would like to do mosaics like these.

Subway station NYC

Waiting in the subway station by Lincoln Center...we saw these beautiful mosaics.

some of our NYC eats

We had brunch at Florent in the meat packing district. It was crowded but worth waiting for these yummy eggs florentine. The fruit cup was at Gamin, a sweet place. Notice the reclining bunny in the cafe au lait. Oh, just realized, both places were "French."

Our time in NYC

We went to NYC last weekend. Mica invited us to attend the screening of videos at the Pioneer Theatre. She co-curated an event called 1800 Frames, which was really terrific. This building is located at Columbus Circle. The weather was perfect for walking around the city.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

sampling adhesives

My friend Juli told me about UHU offering samples of adhesives. The "catch" - to try it, blog about it, then link to the company's craft designer's blog. Okay, so I'm a marketing tool now. Oy! I got the products. These samples turned out to be products I liked using, so I don't mind writing about them. The liquid roll-on glue worked on metal. I glued scraps of paper, metal and fabric to the little tins in which I keep my various mail-art collage scraps. It worked. I didn't even prep the metal in anyway. The roll-on glue tape worked great for my paper collages. My only difficulty was in figuring out whether to push or pull the tape roller, so I ended up with the tape being a bit slack. The tape is going to be perfect for travel, when I want to make tiny collages in tiny notebooks while on a plane. Check out the UHU blog,

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The new Baby! My baby grand piano!

Here's the new piano in place. The space worked out great with room to spare. We're trying different angles to see what feels right. I set up the new room humidifier, recommended by the rebuilder, to preserve the piano. And no, I didn't get the cute Hello Kitty! one. I got an award winning design, German one, which makes Chuck very happy 'cause it looks good. The piano, meanwhile, makes the room look mighty classy. Oh, this is SO exciting for me.

...out with the old.

As quickly as the movers got the new piano in, they got the old one out. Really, I was very amazed at how fast it all happened. I didn't have time to get sentimental about the old one.

In with the new...

The piano movers, with the help of the piano rebuilder (Alex Brusilovsky) were amazing. They quickly figured out the best way to move the piano in, and quickly moved it, and set it up. That shape underneath the piano is part of a humidity mechanism. See the one leg in place, two more to go.

Waiting for the piano to arrive!

We prepared space in the back part of the living/dining room, hoping it would be big enough. The anticipation was really high while waiting for the truck to come. Here is one last picture of the old piano in it's place under the stairs, where it lived for a VERY long time. Do you love the name on the truck?