Saturday, February 13, 2016

Mail Art, of course!





This past week, I was using up more of the scraps from my table, but couldn't resist altering a commercial card.

#40 is an old card that  shows a motel that no longer exists. We stayed there probably 20 years ago when we first got our dog, Smitty, because they permitted dogs. it was just over the dune from the Atlantic Ocean on the OBX of North Carolina. We had a nice time except that we got kicked off after 2 days. A big storm was expected so they closed every place and made us all leave. Normally, it takes 3 hours to get home, that day, it took seven. The dog was freaked and never rode in the car again.

With #42, I started a new series, hands and butterflies/moths. There'll be more of these coming up.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

And so we start a new month - hello February!




Here #33 through 35 are more of the table scraps pieces. The scraps are the left over bits after I cut things out. I really like the way they turn out. Oh, I'd better get busy cutting out more things as I have no more scraps to use.


New Mitts

#36 and #37 are alterations of more of our friend Keith Long's exhibit cards. I saved them from many years ago and glad that I did. I have such fun with them. So far, the response I've gotten from him is good. Whew!

I'm still knitting, though I have no local sales locations, at the moment. I'm almost thinking of stocking my Etsy shop again. I stopped because there are so many similar products out there and the competition is strong, and I can't compete price-wise with commercial work from other places, if you know what I mean. Meanwhile, I love good yarn. These are made from a Merino wool.

Lunch meeting
Just for fun, here's a photo of something our grand girl left behind after a visit. She plays with salt & pepper shakers that I keep just for her.  What's going on here? She surely had a story to go with this set-up.  Got a story about this for us? Let me know.