Thursday, January 22, 2015

Some recent Mail Art, my cat, my grand, and my mom!

#8 - 2015
 My husband did another Artists Coloring Book project and I made a collage for it.

Pages from the book were printed and posted during the exhibit and viewers were encouraged to color on the prints.

After the exhibit came down, I got the colored on prints which I promptly cut up to postcard size (did that with C.s print, too.)

Here are a couple of them. I added some color and mailed them out, encouraging the recipients to add more color.
#9 - 2015

 Here's BIZOO! He's getting Bigger and bigger. He still loves to lounge on this scratching pad.
 Here's our grand-girl, Z, on one of our trips to the museum. We found a lovely, quiet spot to hang-out and eat a pretzel or two, with a nice view of the Boulevard. She's wearing a huge sweater, her choice, with the sleeves rolled up. It's dark gray with a black skull on the front. She's making a fashion statement!
Estelle at 18.

And here's Mom! She celebrated her 101st birthday on the 19th. She lives nearly 3000 miles away from me, but nearby family celebrated with her and she enjoyed the attention.

What do you think about living to be over 100 years old?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Snow is on it's way! and other things.


#4 - 2015
 Catching up on showing you my mail art of 2015.

Still at it on a regular basis.

What about you? Any routines for 2015?
#5 - 2015

#6 - 2015

Altered Mona #8

Foucault's Pendulum at our local science museum. This past month, there was a train set up around the pendulum, which was a fun touch. Children love watching this pendulum knock down the pegs!

We saw the original pendulum at a not very well known museum in Paris. What a thrill, really.

Oh, and check out my new Mona blog HERE.

Friday, January 09, 2015

My new blog!

I've begun a new blog. It's all about me and Mona. Check out my first post HERE.

Monday, January 05, 2015

A new year!

 Happy New Year!

The holiday season has come and gone and my wrists no longer ache from production knitting, and a new year has begun.

I decided to grab some pieces out of the tin of colored paper. My grand and I have been making circles so I have a lot of paper with holes punched out of them. Layering them makes for a lively piece of Mail Art, I think. 

 Working with this old colored paper is fun but frustrating in that I have to keep it really clean as it marks easily and if glue gets on it, it doesn't clean up nicely. Oh, am I a bit too precise here. It's ONLY Mail Art! And I noticed, when we saw the Matisse Cut Out show that he wasn't precise or neat. And his work is so amazing!
 Our trip to New York City was really good. We saw that Matisse Cut Out show at MoMA, and M took us to the Noguchi Museum in L.I.C. after we went to PS1 in Queens. Really liked both of those museums. My first time for the Noguchi.

The weather was okay, not very cold, though rainy the first couple of days. But who cares when shoes are bright!
This is a view out a bathroom window in PS1. I was on a quest for boring photos for the Boring group that I'm part of. It turned out to be not so boring to me.  Since I've been looking for things to photograph that are boring, I've had a very interesting time. Go figure.

And FYI, summary of my Mail Art 2014 - I made and sent 256 numbered cards. I send a few un-numbered but can't remember how many so maybe I'll round up to 260. I'm pleased with that considering I'm NOT doing a 365 project.

Now, on to my resolution - getting rid of stuff daily, even it only one item. I was proud of myself, I threw away my old date stamp that didn't go beyond 2014 when I got my new one that started with 2015. I did think momentarily of the possibility of the old one being a sought after vintage item in the future. But tossed it anyway. YAY, me! Good start to 2015.

Did you make a resolution? or two?