Thursday, January 22, 2015

Some recent Mail Art, my cat, my grand, and my mom!

#8 - 2015
 My husband did another Artists Coloring Book project and I made a collage for it.

Pages from the book were printed and posted during the exhibit and viewers were encouraged to color on the prints.

After the exhibit came down, I got the colored on prints which I promptly cut up to postcard size (did that with C.s print, too.)

Here are a couple of them. I added some color and mailed them out, encouraging the recipients to add more color.
#9 - 2015

 Here's BIZOO! He's getting Bigger and bigger. He still loves to lounge on this scratching pad.
 Here's our grand-girl, Z, on one of our trips to the museum. We found a lovely, quiet spot to hang-out and eat a pretzel or two, with a nice view of the Boulevard. She's wearing a huge sweater, her choice, with the sleeves rolled up. It's dark gray with a black skull on the front. She's making a fashion statement!
Estelle at 18.

And here's Mom! She celebrated her 101st birthday on the 19th. She lives nearly 3000 miles away from me, but nearby family celebrated with her and she enjoyed the attention.

What do you think about living to be over 100 years old?

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phonelady said...

I think we should all aspire to live to be 100 or older don't you ? wow bizoo what can I say he has gotten so big and I can remember when you got him he was a cutie pie kitten and now look at him he is a bigger cutie pie . gotta love em .