Saturday, February 14, 2015

Mail Art and why I've been gone so long.





 Some lovely person, who's a member of IUOMA (International Union of Mail Art) sent me a piece of very old newspaper, plus a friend gave me some old books. I enjoyed playing with this old paper, though carefully, as some of it was quite fagile.  I felt like I was getting back to my collage "roots."

I made a number of these red cards to send out to friends. Now I want to make lots more in various color themes.

  Hostage colors, someone once said - must have red for Valentine's day, and red and green for Christmas, etc. But red IS such a lovely color.

Here's Mona with a red ball floating in the water behind her. She doesn't seem to notice, or doesn't care, or maybe she's the one that tossed it in?

If you haven't checked out my latest Mona post, check HERE.

So things have been busy. We went to New Orleans NOLA for a few days to celebrate our 48th wedding anniversary. Yes, we've been married since we were babies, in case you wondered. It was sooo much fun. That is a fabulous city for celebrating. They're all about hospitality!

And I've been working on a couple projects, which I'll tell you about in a few weeks.
And I've been spending time hanging out with our grand-girl, who is delightful.
And I've been knitting the never-ending toddler sweater project, which I unravel and reknit trying to get it right.

I'm actually trying to distract myself at this moment, by writing this post, as I've news from afar that my mother is in hospital. She's 101, so one never knows.
So it goes.

Do you have something you do when you want to distract yourself from thinking about something you don't want to think about? Share, if you'd like.


dan mouer said...

Love the collages, Mim. And i am checking regularly on the Monas. Best wishes for your Mom and gappy Val Ray hugs for you (and Chuck, too).

Anonymous said...

It may sound trite, but I do gratitude affirmations. It helps in the long run... and might in the short haul. I know how stressful it is to hear news like that. Sometimes just listing all the positives in your life takes the edge off the tension.
Best wishes.
Jeanne K.

mim said...

Like my mother before dementia took her mind, I wake up in the morning with gratitude, and often during the day, I'll remark how grateful I am for the wonderful life I have. She always said out loud how grateful she was. Pretty cool, right?