Tuesday, May 20, 2014

MAIL ART, yay!

 It's been a fun weekend of making Mail Art.

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to speak with several people about Mail Art and it made me excited to make more pieces.

I don't know who gave these vintage postcards to me (don't worry collectors have told me that these aren't sought after.) I altered them with Italian phrases which I took out of my old Madame Butterfly libretto. I sent one to a friend who is actually Italian. I think he'll get a kick out of receiving it.

Here's a series that I did with my Cactus - Lily cards.

Again, so much fun for me to find words that create dialog between the two "friends."

I added an old stamp to each of the cards just because they needed something more.

 Does the dialog between them make you smile?   Any captions you come up with? Send them to me and I'll send you a card.
 Oh Lily, Oh Cactus! ha ha ha ha
 Today, I got serious with my Mail Art. I'd been thinking about text and old papers, and wanting to do a few more small collages.

To ensure that the viewer looks at them in the orientation that I wanted, I signed and titled them. As you know, I usually don't do this with my Mail Art.

I'm going to continue with this series for awhile. I need to get back to serious business, ha ha ha, rather than playing around.

or not.

Remember this motto from The Alternative Speakers Bureau.

Every day, make something, or do something creative. Practice!

If you need some help to get you started - you might find HERE.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

First Day Covers

 I'm still not sure about what to do with all the First Day covers I got from a friend.

Here are a couple more that I've collaged the fronts of , and added current postage but left some of the original postmark visible.
 I put a card inside with the saying "Creativity is a Practice."

I hope that somehow the stamps and the recipients connect.

What would you do with these envelopes. I appreciate any ideas you have.

Here's my kitty, Bizoo, with his favorite morning thing. A heavy duty plastic zipper bag.

He's so pleased, if a cat can show that, when I bring it out in the morning from the closet where I stash it over night.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mail Art and Mother's Day.

 Back to my old "tricks" with Mail Art collages. I found some left over scraps from a previous series and used them to create two new pieces. They remind me of landscapes.

The random letters spell nothing but with the addition of a question mark and en exclamation, wow, they sure do seem to be telling us something.
 I think this one is a particularly strong landscape. Alien, with so many suns in a black sky. What do you think? Evokes landscape, right?
 I made cards out of the photo that I posted on Facebook of my little arrangement on my porch rail. People thought these were small, like salt and pepper shakers, but the cactus is a large cookie jar in reality.

People gave me nice captions for them.
So I made up the postcard and sent them out to people with their caption on the reverse.

 I made lots of cards, so here are a couple that I added text to, making my own conversations.

These strike me as quite amusing. I have more cards to work with so you might see more examples of my silliness.
If you'd like to receive on in YOUR mail box, let me know.
 A friend asked me if I'd like some old stamps and of course I said, yes. BUT I got something even better than stamps, though I did get quite a few of those. What I got lots of were first day covers! I don't know if they have monetary value, but for me what a treasure trove for Mail Art. Here's one envelope that I changed up a bit to send out to someone. I popped a card saying "Creativity is a Practice" into the envelope so it wouldn't go empty.

Today was the American holiday called Mother's Day. It's been all changed up from the original idea of it, made so commercial. I never required that my kids celebrate me on this day. I felt pretty much honored on a regular basis year round, but it's nice day to be out and about. Every year for a long time, I've sent my kids cards on Mother's Day - if not for them, I wouldn't be one. But now we have a little grandgirl, and I like celebrating this new life and our DIL. We walked to Carytown where Z went to her favorite restaurant for her usual, a mini-baguette. She walked lots, amazing how fast she goes. We were exhausted but she still had energy.

So back to the First Day Covers: do you know anything about them, did you ever collect any? What did you do with them?

Thursday, May 08, 2014


Battery Park

 For a number of reasons, primarily the arrival of spring and the opening of the farmers' market, I've been thinking a lot about nature.

 I was happy when Mary of Uncustomary picked this as her monthly theme.

My walks in Battery Park with my grand have also made me aware changes in the season - with the little yellow flowers in abundance. My grand loves to pick them. Are they buttercups? I don't know. 
Battery Park

I love walking down the path towards the children's play area and having my grand get so happy about the flowers and the sweet gum balls that are all over the ground.

The market at Byrd House opened yesterday and my CSA had the most beautiful produce.

I got some curley kale, some peppermint chard, some asparagus, radishes, and salad greens.  I'm going so happy to have produce fresh from the fields again. Oh and eggs from really free range out in the open hens. I know my farmers! It's all real and tastes so good.

Here are the French radishes that I like to eat as a snack, crunchy and slightly spicy.

Everything is organic,
except these strawberries. They family says that they're not certified but hold to many organic practices. Hmmm. They're very tasty, sweet and juicy. 

Being part of a CSA since 2001, I've been made aware of buying local and seasonal. This really puts one in touch with nature. Tomatoes only grow certain times of the year, wow, not like year round in the grocery stores. Ditto all our other produce. It's seasonal!! It's nature.

Also, since I've gotten on Instagram, I'm taking lots of photos of flowers. Nature at it's prettiest.

After a long, cold winter, oh spring, I like you so much!!

Friday, May 02, 2014

May! It's finally here - with Mail Art & Bizoo

 I'm happy to be making Mail Art daily, though I'm not doing one a day on a regular basis. Not ready to commit to a 4th project like that, but here are the cards from the past few days.

I'm using the old colored paper that tears and marks up easily.

I think the reverse is really good, too.

I added these women who are NOT in distress - oh no, these women are seeing the Beetles in person for the first time!

I put a photo of my grand in the care of this old guy. It made me laugh to do this. I'd accidentally printed some of her photos on regular paper so the color wasn't that great. It was easy to cut it out of the background.
May 18, 2013

Look at our cute gatito! He was so tiny and had lots of room in his sling bed.

He forgot about this bed after awhile, sleeping in other locations, so I moved it upstairs in the "library" area of our bedroom.
April 30, 2014

He rediscovered it a couple days ago.

No more gatito!
But still so pretty.