Friday, May 02, 2014

May! It's finally here - with Mail Art & Bizoo

 I'm happy to be making Mail Art daily, though I'm not doing one a day on a regular basis. Not ready to commit to a 4th project like that, but here are the cards from the past few days.

I'm using the old colored paper that tears and marks up easily.

I think the reverse is really good, too.

I added these women who are NOT in distress - oh no, these women are seeing the Beetles in person for the first time!

I put a photo of my grand in the care of this old guy. It made me laugh to do this. I'd accidentally printed some of her photos on regular paper so the color wasn't that great. It was easy to cut it out of the background.
May 18, 2013

Look at our cute gatito! He was so tiny and had lots of room in his sling bed.

He forgot about this bed after awhile, sleeping in other locations, so I moved it upstairs in the "library" area of our bedroom.
April 30, 2014

He rediscovered it a couple days ago.

No more gatito!
But still so pretty.

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