Thursday, May 15, 2014

First Day Covers

 I'm still not sure about what to do with all the First Day covers I got from a friend.

Here are a couple more that I've collaged the fronts of , and added current postage but left some of the original postmark visible.
 I put a card inside with the saying "Creativity is a Practice."

I hope that somehow the stamps and the recipients connect.

What would you do with these envelopes. I appreciate any ideas you have.

Here's my kitty, Bizoo, with his favorite morning thing. A heavy duty plastic zipper bag.

He's so pleased, if a cat can show that, when I bring it out in the morning from the closet where I stash it over night.


PamelaArtsinSF said...

I usually just address them and mail them to someone --with additional postage if needed and rubber stamping on them.

Anonymous said...

Just a comment, these first day covers no longer have value to collectors when you do things like obliterate the four-bar cancellation with additional stamps or art work.

FDCs with cachets added (without negating the cancellation marks) do have value and are bought by collectors like myself on eBay.

mim said...

Okay, Anonymous, thanks for the info. What I could tell from eBay, because I checked there before collaging a few envies, was that they're available but no one appeared to be bidding on any and they weren't priced very high. So the time it takes to scan and list, it's not worth it for me. HOWEVER, if YOU'd like to know what I have, I'll send you the info on a bunch and see if you'd like to buy them from me. Just let me know who you are.