Friday, May 31, 2013

More Mail Art catch up - Friday

365.2 #297

365.2 #298

365.2 #299
 Okay, so I'm patting myself on the back about this series. I love the way they look! They are so light, and playful, and graceful!

This one has such a strange feeling to it, like it has some weight yet floats.

I think this one is elegant. Which of this series do you like the most.
365.3 #149
This one evokes landscape. Soon as I oriented it at the bottom, it read landscape! I like it with the pale circle.

365.3 #148
This red one is sort of bulky looking. Not very elegant - a big shape bumping into the circle!

365/3 #147
Whereas this red one is quite light and ephemeral, don't you think? Amazing to me that these are just pieces of paper and what illusions they create!

And here is our little grand at 10 weeks. Like a doll, right?

Where does time go? It's almost Saturday again!

365.2 #295

365.2 #296
 I have started to enjoy this minimal, only 2 items, collage series. I like the way the larger item floats and one isn't sure quite what it is. Right? And the circle creates a spatial quality. Right?

This is one of my favorites.

This one is odd to me, for some reason. The larger shape has a somewhat threatening feeling to it.
#365.3 #145

365.3 #146

I like this one very much, also. Sometimes the shapes are so luscious.

This one has such energy to it. It makes me think about some contemporary dance concerts that I've seen.

Here's Bizoo discovering flowing water. This is the first time that he's seen it. He was fascinated by it.
Gardenia's were my mother's favorite flower. They're my honey's favorite now and he's doing a wonderful job growing them. He moves the pot around in the yard to be sure that the plant gets enough sunshine. Look at these blossoms, which are so fragrant.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Chilly Saturday! Mail Art, kitty, baby and more.

 I spotted this dotty skirt at a shop the other day. You know how much I love dots, however, I don't wear them!
 I also like stripes, as does my honey. Here's his photo of the curtain that hangs across our side porch.
#294 vertical

#294 horizontal
I'm continuing my series of minimal Mail Art with circles and shapes. 365.2 #294 was created to be viewed vertically, but then when I put the information on
the reverse, the piece appears as a horizontal. I can't decide which I like more. Any thoughts on this?

In this one,  I like the way the light was on the blue shape, but I wasn't mindful when I added the circle (planet) because if I had, I'd have oriented the lighter part of the circle to the right to match the light source.

Lesson learned, be mindful.

 Here's a close up portrait of our kitty, Bizoo. He's in his bed, tired out from playing so much this morning.
Here is our grand baby, Zinn. We got the okay to post photos of her.

This is her 9 week portrait.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday some Mail Art, Bizoo, and nature.

 This is our new calla lily plant. It's a beautiful color, isn't it. My mother's wedding bouquet was white calla lilies. I've always loved them because of that.
 The sky was gorgeous this afternoon. We had a rain storm, then it cleared and we had sunshine, then all of a sudden, we had clouds again. BIG dramatic ones. 




These are the last two pieces of Mail Art in the Landscape Beautification Project - for awhile. The project manager needs a break.

Here's one of my new series of minimal Mail Art pieces. I love the action in this piece.

Here's the companion piece in the Landscape Beautification Project that is on hiatus. When the project manager has some time away, they'll begin again.

Here's the companion piece for the new minimal series. I made these this morning. More to come like this.

  Bizoo waiting to see Dr. Jack at the Animal Hospital on Church Hill. He was so calm in this moment, and a little trouper during all of the handling, and shots.
Here's Bizoo back at home, exhausted by his experience. He's been a sleepy kitty most of the day, with bouts of kitty play between naps. What a life. He's soooo cute!

And the most recent photo of our grand is soooo cute! You have to take my word for it as I'm keeping her private.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wednesday Mail Art, Kitty, and a mystery.

 Here's Mail Art that I received from Erni in Germany. I like the big "S."


I'm happy when I can integrate the painting into the landscape. I feel very good about this one. I don't have a title for it yet, in fact, I have to sit down and write titles for a bunch of them. And I have to send them out to people. I'm lax with that this 365.

If you aren't already on my Mail Art mailing list, and want to receive Mail Art from me, send me your postal address.
 Here's Bizoo last night having a fabulous time with a paper bag. I'd gone to bbgb,our super fine children's book store, to buy some books and they came home in this bag. What a perfect treat for Bizoo.
 This made me laugh. The bag would alternately open and close on him. So fun. I'd forgotten how fun kittens are.

(What I'm not sharing is how cute our grand is, that's private for now, trust me, she's luscious.)
Here's a mystery! I receive this card, which I forwarded to this years Skull Appreciation Day 2013 exhibit. I have no idea who sent it, but it's really fine. There's a skull on the reverse, too, and it was sent from the U.S. I can't read the cancellation marks very well. Thanks to whoever sent it. It'll be in the exhibit in Chicago. Also, it's not to late to enter. Information here.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Mail Art, of course, and my new Kitty.

 My kitty is finally at home with me. I did choose to name him Bizoo as it got the most votes and I liked the way it sounded. It's based on the French word for little kisses. (bisous) 

I'm taking lots of photos of him so you'll find out more.

Meanwhile, what I'm not showing you, are photos of our grandbaby! We're being kinda private about that. Let me say, she's a DOLL!

The Landscape Beautification Project continues. I struggle to find just the right painting for the right landscape, but when I do, it's worth it.

And I'm getting encouragement to continue.

What a wonderful thing, encouragement! Who encourages you? What encourages you?

Saturday, May 18, 2013

and MORE mail art.

 Wisteria in my neighborhood. I love these flowers. They grow really well here. 

This particular card, which is fabulously boring, works well with lots of the paintings that I've cut out.


I was unsure of where I'd fit a large painting this this one. By cutting it down, I was able to place it here and it looks quite like it was installed below the road bed.


Another painting set into the same card as above.

I'm very pleased with this card alteration. I like how I was able to fit the painting into the trees. It's quite believable, right?

I can't believe that I've done so many of these landscape beautification pieces. Each morning, I think that I won't do another them I find just the right painting for a postcard.



This painting worked well set inland on the island. I added a shadow to integrate it into the landscape.

Another still life located on a lake.

After I put this painting along the side of the road, I thought: What does it look like to drivers coming from the other direction? They'll see the back. Did the Landscape Beautification Project think of that? Did they plan something interesting for the back? What do you think?

Continued catch up from last week.

 Landscape Beautification Project - Certain paintings were more appreciated than others. This one was quite popular.

I haven't worked on titles for some of these; that'll be my "job" for tomorrow.

I like the way this sort of sweet painting works in this landscape.

 This still life painting fit in nicely in this setting.


I was so happy to make this painting work here. I cut away part of it, so that it looks like it's installed behind the divider.
The painting of the calm, sleepy eyed woman, was not particularly well suited to this location. Drivers felt lethargic upon entering the tunnel.

This horse painting found a perfect location high on a hill, don't you think?
 My kids brought me this fabulous Dixie Donut for Mother's Day. I didn't eat it right away, so when I got around to it, a couple days later, the donut part needed heating up, and was tasty but the flower was like stone. Very pretty.
This is the reflection of the Chihuly glass chandelier that's installed at the VMFA. The base is black glass. I like this reflection very much.