Friday, May 03, 2013

New Mail Art and more tiny-ness

365.2 #272

365.2 #273
 Oh I'm just on a roll with my landscape alterations. What a good way to use the vintage postcards, right? It's been fun looking for images of paintings that are in the right perspective to fit along the roadways.

I'm seeing this as a highway beautification project. Instead of wildflowers, large paintings!
365.3 #122

365.3 #123

Imagine how startling this would be in reality.

This is one of my more successful ones, I think. I have several more of this particular view. It's quite a boring postcard, really, when you think about it. Who would find this strip of road and view particularly interesting. The painting definitely improves the view.
 What a surprise in the mail last week. A Mail Art friend in Texas sent me this book. I'd seen some of the photos and now I have my very own "album" of them. I love them - tiny people in settings. The opposite of Tiny Town! And fun text to go with the images, too. Thanks heaps to Limner.
Here's another surprise. We were going through boxes stored in the area above our bedroom closet and found one box with some clothing from when our "kids" were kids. Isn't this tiny shirt adorable?  Hopefully, another little kid will be wearing it in a couple years.

Thanks for voting for the kitten's name. There seems to be a landslide so far for Bizoo. Keep the votes coming.


Margie said...

I'm telling you Mim, it's the only one we could pronounce, LOL! what a fun book Limner sent. I just got t know her and she has sent me a couple of mail art pieces. So tickled. Isn't her handwriting beautiful too?

Margie said...

Btw, love this set of cards!!

phonelady said...

yes our dear limner is a hoot and awesome and mim sorry have not been posting as much ... Love love love it .

Igakusei said...

Hi Mim.

I have my own little people pics.

You can see them...


Igakusei said...

Hi Mim
You can see my little people pics at: