Saturday, May 18, 2013

So much to catch up on - so many days have gone by -

 Last Thursday, at my book club meeting at VMFA, a storm headed our way. I looked out the window and saw this! Amazing looking, right. Then the wind picked up and the furniture on the patio started to slide past, and the big,heavy glass doors, blew open! Whoa! Then the rain started. It was very dramatic.
 Here's my friend Andy, in the U.K. He won't mind my posting this photo which shows Richmond on Thames, sister city to my city - there it is, listed on the bottom. Thanks Andy.

 These altered cards are part of my Landscape Beautification Project mail art. I've had such fun with these. I write fun caption and make myself laugh.

 I haven't written the captions for these two but the one for #279 is "Andy Warhol's print of Chairman Mao would have caused a problem if the residents had known who he was. They thought it was simply a portrait of a Chinese man. Though they did wonder by it was located along this road.

This one is interesting to me because I can't tell what the image in the painting is. I've looked at it with magnification and I still can't tell. But it looks nice along this section of the highway.


This painting was difficult to place. It's at such an extreme angle that I thought I'd have to discard it. Then this idea worked and I was happy at how it fit in.
"The Landscape Beautification Project was pleased to be able to locate a painting so that it could e seen by both entering and exiting traffic. Reminders to keep your eyes on the road were also posted."

The languid young man and his dog were perfect for the canal's calm beauty.

I've gone through the Architectural Digest magazines several times to make sure that I've gotten all the usable images of paintings. I hope I have enough!

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