Friday, May 31, 2013

Where does time go? It's almost Saturday again!

365.2 #295

365.2 #296
 I have started to enjoy this minimal, only 2 items, collage series. I like the way the larger item floats and one isn't sure quite what it is. Right? And the circle creates a spatial quality. Right?

This is one of my favorites.

This one is odd to me, for some reason. The larger shape has a somewhat threatening feeling to it.
#365.3 #145

365.3 #146

I like this one very much, also. Sometimes the shapes are so luscious.

This one has such energy to it. It makes me think about some contemporary dance concerts that I've seen.

Here's Bizoo discovering flowing water. This is the first time that he's seen it. He was fascinated by it.
Gardenia's were my mother's favorite flower. They're my honey's favorite now and he's doing a wonderful job growing them. He moves the pot around in the yard to be sure that the plant gets enough sunshine. Look at these blossoms, which are so fragrant.

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