Saturday, May 18, 2013

Continued catch up from last week.

 Landscape Beautification Project - Certain paintings were more appreciated than others. This one was quite popular.

I haven't worked on titles for some of these; that'll be my "job" for tomorrow.

I like the way this sort of sweet painting works in this landscape.

 This still life painting fit in nicely in this setting.


I was so happy to make this painting work here. I cut away part of it, so that it looks like it's installed behind the divider.
The painting of the calm, sleepy eyed woman, was not particularly well suited to this location. Drivers felt lethargic upon entering the tunnel.

This horse painting found a perfect location high on a hill, don't you think?
 My kids brought me this fabulous Dixie Donut for Mother's Day. I didn't eat it right away, so when I got around to it, a couple days later, the donut part needed heating up, and was tasty but the flower was like stone. Very pretty.
This is the reflection of the Chihuly glass chandelier that's installed at the VMFA. The base is black glass. I like this reflection very much.

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