Saturday, May 25, 2013

Chilly Saturday! Mail Art, kitty, baby and more.

 I spotted this dotty skirt at a shop the other day. You know how much I love dots, however, I don't wear them!
 I also like stripes, as does my honey. Here's his photo of the curtain that hangs across our side porch.
#294 vertical

#294 horizontal
I'm continuing my series of minimal Mail Art with circles and shapes. 365.2 #294 was created to be viewed vertically, but then when I put the information on
the reverse, the piece appears as a horizontal. I can't decide which I like more. Any thoughts on this?

In this one,  I like the way the light was on the blue shape, but I wasn't mindful when I added the circle (planet) because if I had, I'd have oriented the lighter part of the circle to the right to match the light source.

Lesson learned, be mindful.

 Here's a close up portrait of our kitty, Bizoo. He's in his bed, tired out from playing so much this morning.
Here is our grand baby, Zinn. We got the okay to post photos of her.

This is her 9 week portrait.


Margie said...

Yay!!! Such a beautiful baby!

PostMuse said...

What a wonderful collection of images, topped off by the best one of all ... a very pretty baby!

Found art blog said...

I'm not sure which is cuter.... Zinn or Bizoo!!! (and we posted your mystery card on our found art blog!)

VioletSky said...

she is perfect!