Saturday, May 18, 2013

and MORE mail art.

 Wisteria in my neighborhood. I love these flowers. They grow really well here. 

This particular card, which is fabulously boring, works well with lots of the paintings that I've cut out.


I was unsure of where I'd fit a large painting this this one. By cutting it down, I was able to place it here and it looks quite like it was installed below the road bed.


Another painting set into the same card as above.

I'm very pleased with this card alteration. I like how I was able to fit the painting into the trees. It's quite believable, right?

I can't believe that I've done so many of these landscape beautification pieces. Each morning, I think that I won't do another them I find just the right painting for a postcard.



This painting worked well set inland on the island. I added a shadow to integrate it into the landscape.

Another still life located on a lake.

After I put this painting along the side of the road, I thought: What does it look like to drivers coming from the other direction? They'll see the back. Did the Landscape Beautification Project think of that? Did they plan something interesting for the back? What do you think?


Margie said...

I love these!

Limner said...

Why certainly. Marilyn Monroe is there.

mim said...

How perfect, I love that. Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol, for sure.