Friday, July 24, 2015

Mail Art and more, life almost back to normal.


 Here are a group of artists' show cards that I minimally altered.

I'd spent some time cutting out images, since I spend a lot of time sitting around these days. It keeps me from nodding off to sleep!


I'm starting to feel more myself, now that I'm going out for physical therapy, and getting stronger. This is a very good feeling, to state the obvious.

I want to share with you some of the lovely trays my honey brought to me for various meals.


 Healthy cookies by my friend Mary.

This is a dinner of food from various friends. Lentil soup from Roshan, with her pasta salad in it, veggie tarte from Beth Ann, cheese spread from Eileen.
 Here's another dinner with the soup, and cheese spread, plus chickpeas and a bean spread. And my honey gave me 2 choices of crackers!

Here's a simple breakfast on a day when I
didn't feel like eating much.
 Here's another lovely dinner, with the veggie tarte, some of Roshan's rice, salad, and left overs from my birthay dinner (Japanese food.)

You can see that I didn't go hungry during the early days of my recuperation.

And my honey presented everything so appetizingly, didn't he?

Now I'm able to go downstairs and eat at the kitchen table. Yay.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

More about what's happened.

 I'm home bound for another week, with in-home PT. I'm doing well, getting stronger, walking with a cane.

People have been so kind and thoughtful. I've gotten cards and flowers, and candy, food, and visits.

My hunny has been very supportive.

And then another thing happened, last week on my birthday, my mother died at noon. She was old, as regular readers of my blog know, but still - on my birthday! It put quite a twist on the day.
She was 101 and left us in her sleep.

She lived 3000 miles away from me, and as I'm home bound couldn't travel there.

So I'm remembering and honoring her memory, here at home.

This is part of the headband she wore when she worked at the Orange Crush stand during the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago, Illinois USA. It had an orange ribbon threaded through it that tied around her head with a bow at the nape of the next. She must have looked adoable with her engaging smile and big brown eyes.

N, J, and Z came over the evening of my birthday and brought me a lovely cake and we ordered Japanese food. It was lovely. 

M came in from NYC a few days after my birthday, and brought me two birthday gifts - they were perfect and just what I wanted.

A felt pigeon by Mother Pigeon  and a vegetarian cookbook The Vilna Vegetarian Cookbook. I can't wait until I can get busy in the kitchen.

It's been an interesting summer, so far.
My sad and disbelief goes in and out.

The card from my friend in Ireland says it all, Speedy recovery, happy birthday, and condolence.
So it goes.

What happened!



 4 days after my previous entry, on the 12th of June, I had an unfortunately encounter with a cement floor.

The next morning, I was in surgery and when I came out, I had a new hip.

It's been like a strange dream, I can't believe it happened to MOI!!

While in hospital PT and OT, my hunny brought me some supplies and I made several collages.

That made me feel more myself.

I had a bunch of bits cut out and hunny brought those to me so I had good material to work with.


I'm happy I had lips and hands and eyes, amonth other things, and black paper. How convenient!

All of these are little narratives. All they need are titles, and maybe stories.

#86 reminds me of the book I started by Neal Stephenson, for some reason. It's called Seveneves.

The word is from an envelope that I received. It looked handprinted on it, and I liked it a lot so I saved it.

It was perfect for this collage on the day that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on the equality of marriage.