Friday, July 24, 2015

Mail Art and more, life almost back to normal.


 Here are a group of artists' show cards that I minimally altered.

I'd spent some time cutting out images, since I spend a lot of time sitting around these days. It keeps me from nodding off to sleep!


I'm starting to feel more myself, now that I'm going out for physical therapy, and getting stronger. This is a very good feeling, to state the obvious.

I want to share with you some of the lovely trays my honey brought to me for various meals.


 Healthy cookies by my friend Mary.

This is a dinner of food from various friends. Lentil soup from Roshan, with her pasta salad in it, veggie tarte from Beth Ann, cheese spread from Eileen.
 Here's another dinner with the soup, and cheese spread, plus chickpeas and a bean spread. And my honey gave me 2 choices of crackers!

Here's a simple breakfast on a day when I
didn't feel like eating much.
 Here's another lovely dinner, with the veggie tarte, some of Roshan's rice, salad, and left overs from my birthay dinner (Japanese food.)

You can see that I didn't go hungry during the early days of my recuperation.

And my honey presented everything so appetizingly, didn't he?

Now I'm able to go downstairs and eat at the kitchen table. Yay.

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dan mouer said...

Isn't love grand! :-)

Glad you are getting better. Me too. Way way too long was I immobile. Feel like I'm earning to walk all over again.