Saturday, July 11, 2015

More about what's happened.

 I'm home bound for another week, with in-home PT. I'm doing well, getting stronger, walking with a cane.

People have been so kind and thoughtful. I've gotten cards and flowers, and candy, food, and visits.

My hunny has been very supportive.

And then another thing happened, last week on my birthday, my mother died at noon. She was old, as regular readers of my blog know, but still - on my birthday! It put quite a twist on the day.
She was 101 and left us in her sleep.

She lived 3000 miles away from me, and as I'm home bound couldn't travel there.

So I'm remembering and honoring her memory, here at home.

This is part of the headband she wore when she worked at the Orange Crush stand during the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago, Illinois USA. It had an orange ribbon threaded through it that tied around her head with a bow at the nape of the next. She must have looked adoable with her engaging smile and big brown eyes.

N, J, and Z came over the evening of my birthday and brought me a lovely cake and we ordered Japanese food. It was lovely. 

M came in from NYC a few days after my birthday, and brought me two birthday gifts - they were perfect and just what I wanted.

A felt pigeon by Mother Pigeon  and a vegetarian cookbook The Vilna Vegetarian Cookbook. I can't wait until I can get busy in the kitchen.

It's been an interesting summer, so far.
My sad and disbelief goes in and out.

The card from my friend in Ireland says it all, Speedy recovery, happy birthday, and condolence.
So it goes.


phonelady said...

God bless you and May your mother rest in peace . so sorry you could not travel to her funeral ..Again God bless and get well soon .

chris said...

Can only imagine the mixture of emotions you've had..............101 & to go in your sleep - think we all wish for that end to life. Love her headband - must have looked beautiful. You'll smile when you think of her - my Mum & Dad are 90 & 91 - so I've yet to feel your sorrow.

Pamela Gerard said...

Oh Mim -- I must have missed something and din't know you were house-bound and then reading your mother passed -- and on you have been going through a lot. Big hug to you. My FIL is 100 and i understand that even when a person is very old you feel a great loss when they are gone. I hope you are taking good care of yourself. xo