Sunday, May 30, 2010

Roland Ginzel, my first drawing instructor

Roland Ginzel was my first drawing instructor, way back, way way back, when I started my art education at the University of Illinois. It was so far back that classes were held at Navy Pier. There was no Chicago Campus, and we used to say that we were the only University that could be torpedoed. Yikes!  Here are some examples of Roland Ginzel's paintings that my husband, also a student of his way way back, found on the internet. This is my way of saying: THANK YOU, Mr. Ginzel. (In those days way way back, that's how we addressed our profs.)

Flowers, a pincushion, and Mom

I've been sewing again, as you know, making Purses for Change, Totes, and Pockets for my Etsy shop. I use straight pins and had them in a little dish but really needed a pin cushion. I found a cute one here.  It's soo helpful to have this!

Our rock garden in the front of our house is doing very well. One of the little succulents has these delicate pink flowers on them, so sweet.  While walking in the neighborhood, I saw some beautiful lilies. I have to show you one. Isn't the color wonderful?

My niece sent me this photo of Mom. She looks so elfin and check out that yarn tangle on her lap. Yikes!  Yes, mom is still making those scarves. She has remembered how to end them. We still have lots available so if you want to buy a $12 scarf (mainly acrylic) from a 96 year old, shipping included, just get my e-mail address from my profile, and send payment via paypal. We'll pop a scarf in the mail. Just say if you want a darker or lighter color. See the original post here. Yes, I'm pitching my Mom's knitwear.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hair, Hair, Hair....and the Gulf Oil Spill

My hair cutting salon, Spa310, is participating in collecting and sending hair to Matter of Trust. This is the group that collects hair and fur (and stockings) to create oil absorption mats for oil spills. Read about them here. The photo above was taken 13 May 2010 in Alabama, by, where volunteers created all of these hair stocking items for the clean up effort. (My husband says it looks like an art installation.) My hair is the white stuff on the top of the pile in the photo showing the box being filled at Spa310.  My hair is a little whiter and shorter today, and the cut off will be heading to the Gulf of Mexico. Small contribution for a big problem. Thanks to all of the Salons for participating.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm on a roll! Now available Skull-a-Day bags.

I have definitely gotten the sewing mode going. I decided to use the fabric remnant that I scored from my son (the famous skullmeister of Skull-a-Day) I used that for the outside of the bag and a sample length of fabric that he had made from his Wallpaper Tile pattern as the lining. There wasn't much fabric so all that I made is 8 bags. LIMITED EDITION. How cool is this? I'm pretty happy about it and even made a tote bag from some Ikea fabric. I love their fabric prints. I have more of that so will be one busy gal in the next few weeks, following my passion at the sewing machine. BUT I'll still have time for the other things I love, like studying Espanol, Mail Art, letter writing! Lucky, lucky me, I'm jubilada! ("retired") You can see the items in Fritzi, my Etsy shop, here.

Monday, May 17, 2010

New in Fritzi, my Etsy shop

I just posted this new item in Fritzi (my etsy shop) and added a couple other little purses. I'm starting to get the urge to sew again, after the urge went dormant for the winter. Something about spring and summer and the need to work with fabric. I love Toile, I really do, it's not a passing fancy. You can see FRITZI here.

Entry to "Beauty is...."

I've been posting more entries to my mail art call "Beauty is..." This one is a collage. The person who arranged for the entries from Indonesia is asking for entries to their mail art call at the Bantul National Museum (a mini museum in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.) An exhibition is planned for 10 October 2010. Here are details if you want to enter a piece.

Theme: Open, Deadline: 20 August 2010, size: standard postcard Be sure to include your name, address and e-mail address. You might add a title and what medium you used.
Send to: Secretariat BNM c/o YAKSA AGUS
RT. 06, Bangmaloang, Cepit, Pendowoharjo, Sewon, Bantul, Yogyakarta, INDONESIA 55185

Friday, May 14, 2010

The park, the country, and a dinosaur!

Last Sunday, my son, his girlfriend, and I went to the country to see our friends at their Pottery open house. It's become a tradition for us to do this on what's known as "Mother's Day." I'm not a big fan of "Mother's Day" having thought of it as a made-up celebration to sell a lot of greeting cards, flowers and candy and make some people feel badly that they don't a) have a mother or b) like the one they have. AND for me, Mother's Day in the bigger sense is every day for me because I've had a great time being a mom and have "kids" (now adults) who are very cool to spend time with any time. But my son and I have made this trek to the country (Manquin, VA) an annual thing. We buy a piece of pottery, we eat some crackers and cheese, we chat with our friends, and we enjoy their wonderful flower garden. A photo opportunity! Did you know that Mother's Day is supposed to be about mothers coming together to call for PEACE! Yup, it's an anti-war day, not a feel guilty that you didn't call your mom or take her to dinner day. I got myself a new mug with a deep purple glaze on part of it and a salad bowl/casserole, also with the deep purple.

My long shadow, ooh look at my long legs, was taken in the park when I went for a walk on Monday morning. I just love shadows of myself, especially when I have such long legs!
The dinosaur holding thread made me smile. I'd gone over to help my friend set up her mom's sewing machine, the thread rolled away under the sofa and when I went to look for it, I also found the dinosaur. I made little Jonah smile with my thread holding dinosaur.

Saturday, May 08, 2010


Yesterday I had an afternoon of collage making with a few friends around my kitchen table. I've been thinking of having a small workshop in my house in the future, so this was sort of a practice to see if I could do it. It worked! We had a good time, made some art, and socialized. Here's the piece that I've sent off to a mail art call. Read about the conference here.

Maymont Park on Thursday night.

We went to Maymont Park on Thursday night for a concert, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. The weather cooperated: it was NOT hot and it was NOT humid, and there was a breeze. Perfect. We got there at 5h30 when the gate was opened, found a good spot
on the "lawn," and enjoyed visiting with our niece and nephew, until the music started. It was such a treat.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Shifting Sands

I am so excited. The book for which this collage was designed is a reality. You can hear an interview with the editor/author Osie Gabriel Adelfang here. I can't wait to hold the actual book in my hands, which will happen in a few days. Meanwhile, I'm arranging a book signing here in my little city for August. I'm pretty excited about this. Can you tell? (Note: On
Thursday, 6 May, the book arrived at my doorstep. I had to take a picture of me holding it in my hand. The cover is so shiny and new. I've started reading it, but only the forward. I'm savoring having it.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Veggies and other food!

Last week we went up to Washington, DC to the Smithsonian craft show. It was so nice to see such high quality of crafts. I even got a pair of new earrings by Kathleen Dustin. See her work here. My earrings are in the fourth row down on the left.
We ate at a "meze" restaurant, which is like tapas but from Greece. The food was yummy. Here's a view of the sculpture out front and some of the delicious food.
This week, I picked up a nice basket full of veggies from my farm share. Everything is so fresh. I'm always tempted to take home more than I can eat, but stop myself knowing that next week, I'll get more good veggies.