Sunday, May 30, 2010

Roland Ginzel, my first drawing instructor

Roland Ginzel was my first drawing instructor, way back, way way back, when I started my art education at the University of Illinois. It was so far back that classes were held at Navy Pier. There was no Chicago Campus, and we used to say that we were the only University that could be torpedoed. Yikes!  Here are some examples of Roland Ginzel's paintings that my husband, also a student of his way way back, found on the internet. This is my way of saying: THANK YOU, Mr. Ginzel. (In those days way way back, that's how we addressed our profs.)

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phonelady said...

Oh mim it has been hot here the last two days we are in the eightys dear and I planted some flowers on the patio in pots hopefully they come up and i will post photos . I planted some nastriums and some pansys and I also had some mini sunflowers coming up and i will post photos from those too when they bloom . Oh wow gosh im rattling on see ya and have a terrific wknd .