Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm on a roll! Now available Skull-a-Day bags.

I have definitely gotten the sewing mode going. I decided to use the fabric remnant that I scored from my son (the famous skullmeister of Skull-a-Day) I used that for the outside of the bag and a sample length of fabric that he had made from his Wallpaper Tile pattern as the lining. There wasn't much fabric so all that I made is 8 bags. LIMITED EDITION. How cool is this? I'm pretty happy about it and even made a tote bag from some Ikea fabric. I love their fabric prints. I have more of that so will be one busy gal in the next few weeks, following my passion at the sewing machine. BUT I'll still have time for the other things I love, like studying Espanol, Mail Art, letter writing! Lucky, lucky me, I'm jubilada! ("retired") You can see the items in Fritzi, my Etsy shop, here.

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tarabu said...

Oh, how do I love those! (answer: a whole freakin' lot!)