Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hair, Hair, Hair....and the Gulf Oil Spill

My hair cutting salon, Spa310, is participating in collecting and sending hair to Matter of Trust. This is the group that collects hair and fur (and stockings) to create oil absorption mats for oil spills. Read about them here. The photo above was taken 13 May 2010 in Alabama, by Matteroftrust.org, where volunteers created all of these hair stocking items for the clean up effort. (My husband says it looks like an art installation.) My hair is the white stuff on the top of the pile in the photo showing the box being filled at Spa310.  My hair is a little whiter and shorter today, and the cut off will be heading to the Gulf of Mexico. Small contribution for a big problem. Thanks to all of the Salons for participating.


JennTRC said...

what a wonderful cause!

phonelady said...

god bless you all for doing this and bp sure has made a mess in the gulf , let me tell you the pictures i saw yesterday made me sick to my stomach . You would not believe it mim .