Sunday, May 30, 2010

Flowers, a pincushion, and Mom

I've been sewing again, as you know, making Purses for Change, Totes, and Pockets for my Etsy shop. I use straight pins and had them in a little dish but really needed a pin cushion. I found a cute one here.  It's soo helpful to have this!

Our rock garden in the front of our house is doing very well. One of the little succulents has these delicate pink flowers on them, so sweet.  While walking in the neighborhood, I saw some beautiful lilies. I have to show you one. Isn't the color wonderful?

My niece sent me this photo of Mom. She looks so elfin and check out that yarn tangle on her lap. Yikes!  Yes, mom is still making those scarves. She has remembered how to end them. We still have lots available so if you want to buy a $12 scarf (mainly acrylic) from a 96 year old, shipping included, just get my e-mail address from my profile, and send payment via paypal. We'll pop a scarf in the mail. Just say if you want a darker or lighter color. See the original post here. Yes, I'm pitching my Mom's knitwear.

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tarabu said...

I'm so glad you like your little cushion! and oh, do I love your pockets!