Friday, May 14, 2010

The park, the country, and a dinosaur!

Last Sunday, my son, his girlfriend, and I went to the country to see our friends at their Pottery open house. It's become a tradition for us to do this on what's known as "Mother's Day." I'm not a big fan of "Mother's Day" having thought of it as a made-up celebration to sell a lot of greeting cards, flowers and candy and make some people feel badly that they don't a) have a mother or b) like the one they have. AND for me, Mother's Day in the bigger sense is every day for me because I've had a great time being a mom and have "kids" (now adults) who are very cool to spend time with any time. But my son and I have made this trek to the country (Manquin, VA) an annual thing. We buy a piece of pottery, we eat some crackers and cheese, we chat with our friends, and we enjoy their wonderful flower garden. A photo opportunity! Did you know that Mother's Day is supposed to be about mothers coming together to call for PEACE! Yup, it's an anti-war day, not a feel guilty that you didn't call your mom or take her to dinner day. I got myself a new mug with a deep purple glaze on part of it and a salad bowl/casserole, also with the deep purple.

My long shadow, ooh look at my long legs, was taken in the park when I went for a walk on Monday morning. I just love shadows of myself, especially when I have such long legs!
The dinosaur holding thread made me smile. I'd gone over to help my friend set up her mom's sewing machine, the thread rolled away under the sofa and when I went to look for it, I also found the dinosaur. I made little Jonah smile with my thread holding dinosaur.

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