Monday, March 28, 2016

Creative Sprint and a couple new mail art collages

 These images were on my desk, just like this, so I put them on a blank and glued them down. I like the odd juxtaposition.
 I'm enjoying making compositions with hand, butterflies and moths. Maybe it's cause Spring has sprung in this part of the globe.
 In a few days, Creative Sprint will start. It's 30 days of prompts that will put you in great creative shape.
It's free! Sign up at

It'll be fun. There are no grades, no competition, no judgement, just a bunch of us making stuff daily and then posting it, or not, to a variety of platforms like our blogs, or instagram, or whatever.
 Here's what our tree looked like last week. This week, it's all green leafy. My honey had a lot of sweeping up to do in the back yard/garden.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Some collages - Mail Art, not sure.

 One of these was framed and donated to an art auction for the nearby elementary school our kids attended.

I can't remember which, at the moment.

The others might be framed and put in an exhibit, or not. They may eventually become Mail Art.

All, I know is that I'm having fun with hands, moths, and butterflies.

Spring is in the air!

So much time has gone by - Mail Art catch up!


 I won't go into the long of it, but I've been busy, and on vacation, and busy, and so on.

But I've been making Mail Art, and that's good.

Here's a few of the numbered ones.