Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Mail Art, Slow Art, Bird Art & Billboard Art!

 Here's a recent piece of Mail Art that I sent out to Dusseldorf, Germany. I used some old photos that had no value to me, though torn up as elements for a collage - high value indeed. The base is from a package of veggie burgers.
 Here's part of the group who attended my Slow Art event last Saturday. They're looking at a tiny landscape painted in 1820.
 Here's another part of the group looking at a painting that is very "trompe l'oiel" called "Free Sample, Take One." It was painted in 1890 by De Scott Evans.
My event was successful! We had 21 participants and the discussions were lively. My choices were obscure and people seemed to like that they hadn't seen, nor ordinarily look at, the art work that I chose. It was a lot of fun.
 Sunday, we went over to HighPoint Gallery, which was new to us. They are the folks who do the Bill Board Art project.  While there, we got introduced to Premium Taxidermy and were invited into Robert Olson's workshop. It was so interesting. He does amazing work.
 I found out later on in the day, that there was an event going on in the world on Saturday that was called Obscura Day. We felt like we had an obscura day of our own by seeing a taxidermy workshop.
After see Robert's work, we went off to find the access to see this Art Billboard. So cool, off the beaten track, for sure. When we pulled in to the area, some people were packing up their folding chairs into their vehicle. They'd been sitting there
watching the display for awhile. Fun, right.

This was a very interesting week-end, full of very interesting things to see. I hope you had a good weekend, too.

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Mary Has Sound said...

I'm glad that your Slow Art event went really well! Still wish you would have been free to come to the Letter Writing Social. :) Next time!