Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mail Art and More

 I have been able to make some Mail Art even though my work table, well to be honest, my entire tiny studio, is a MESS. I just swept things aside to make a bit of room for MAKING. #920 is a minimal collage piece that I sent as a thank you to the folks who purchased my art work from 1708 Gallery.
 Here's another of my altered computer disks from back in the day. I've obscured the address so the recipient can be surprised, but I wanted to show how I'm sending sans return address. So far, two of my disks arrived at their destinations. One arrived in Greece after 9 days and one arrived in Chicago after 3 days.

 The fronts are a simple collage of 3 pieces, and some stick on letters. The circle goes over a moveable part and can be rotated!


 I wanted you to see what was on the blue disk before I added the mailing label and stamp. Check out the date - 1998! I knew that most of these were pre-2000 but none so clearly identified.

Today, I made two in a series, using like collage bits. The mail receipts were from my income tax forms, state and federal. I know they were received and already processed, so I could make use of the receipts.

I like the random placement of letters. They are like sound poems.
 Here's the way the table looked on the patio, for Sunday Mother's Day brunch. My honey set it up and my dear son and DIL came and made waffles, fruit sauce, whipped cream and brought delicious prosecco. The weather was perfect.
Here's the view looking up into the umbrella.  You can see how the sun was shining down through our big tree.

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Anonymous said...

a lovely mother's day brunch, indeed! the yard looks beautiful and I love the umbrella photo!
xo, bee bee lee kos.