Friday, May 04, 2012

Mail Art, Veggies and a recipe

 I love the way this card looks, with the uneven edges.  I cut it out of some cardboard package while in Los Angeles, using scissors. It was a thicker carton so I couldn't do a very even job. Turns out, I like it! I brought the blank home and created this simple 2 element piece with letters yesterday. #914

 For this, I used a cardboard cut with my papercutter, from a piece of cardboard. Minimal with only 3 pieces, very subtle, and I like the effect.
 Though I'm struggling with a cold/cough these days, I managed to get over to the farmers' market for the first day pick up of my CSA. Here are some of the items in my basket.
And here's the veggie flan I made for dinner. I'll post a recipe on my other blog which you can find here.  It turned out really tasty and my honey, who doesn't like kale, liked it a lot.

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Margie said...

Hi Mim, hi Chuck!! Enjoy the weekend you two. xx