Monday, May 07, 2012

Mail Art, the canal & the bird feeder

 Do you remember those little hard disks that we used to store data from our computer? I have a lot of them left from previous "careers." The data is no longer accessible nor needed.
Last week, I saw that a member of the Mail Art Union used one to make Mail Art. How fun! Why hadn't I thought of that.
 Despite dealing with my cough, hackhackhack, I managed to make several collages using the disks. I mailed the yellow one first. I sent it far, then wished I'd sent it to a nearer destination to test the waters so to speak. Will it arrive? I hope so. This blue one will also go far.

The disk in the center still moves, but the black slider is immobilized by the collage.
 This one is #918. It was sent some where closer. The reverse has a label for the address and a smaller one for the date stamp and number of the piece. There is no return address. I can't wait to hear when they arrive and in what condition.

Sunday night, we met up with our niece and nephew to hear a concert outdoors on Brown's Island. I seemed to have my cough under control and wanted an outing. The is the view looking west as we walked over the bridge to the island.
 This is the view looking east. In the background is the bridge that goes over the island and the James River to southside Richmond. I like this view very much and wish that the entire length of the canal were accessible for walking and picnicing.
This is the new bird feeder. We moved it back so the pole goes through the bamboo leaves, hoping to deter the squirrels. One of them was spotted inside enjoying a meal of sunflower seeds. Two cardinals checked it out but so far, it's not been used. We may turn it into a planter if the action doesn't pick up. I like the way it looks. The orange is such a nice bright addition to the green-ness of the little garden. Do you have a bird feeder? Do birds use it? How do you deter squirrels?


Margie said...

I love the disc idea and yours turned out super! A year ago, I was so excited to put up a couple of feeders hoping I could then get some great photos. I'll be darned, but they never came and I put in good eats too!!! I think they were at the neighbor's feeder that had been up long before mine. I kind of gave up as it was more trouble than it was worth. Feel better dear Mim!

chris said...

Hi Mim - have chosen your Blog for a Liebster award -enjoy, Chris (BrisChris)

mim said...

Woo hoo, an award! Wow! Thanks, Chris.