Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mail Art, chickens, and Mom

 I'm moving slowly forward towards my 1000 cards since 1 Dec. 2010. Slowly, for some reason, not wanting to rush my experience. The base for this one is a cracker box. I like the crackers appearing over a horizon. This is part of a continuing series of "poetry" cards.
 The plant in the foreground is an azalea bush. My honey thought he was buying a gardenia bush, didn't read the tag, just saw three big white blossom. He was surprised when he got home. But it's a nice plant, and my honey's arrangement of potted greenery looks nice. This is a very homey corner of the back garden/patio. We like to sit out here.
 These cement chickens have been part of our life for a long time. I just decided that they had to live by the steps so I could spot the edge at night. They look good here, don't they?  Which reminds me to tell you about this-------
 Here's an adorable note from my neighbor girls. They brought us eggs from their chickens. The chickens are in danger from a neighbor, who's complained to the city about them. There had appeared to be an allowance for people to have a small number of chickens, no roosters, in the city so I don't know the details of the complaint. The girls have taken around a petition. They're fighting the complaint. I give the chickens my organic veggie scraps. They're beautiful birds. The girls are very sad. I'll see if I can get some nice photos of the hens to show you.

 Here's Mom doing another of the things she likes to do, read the daily newspaper. She can read it four times during the day, each time, like it's new news. She'll read aloud items she finds particularly interesting.

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Lovely post filled with all kinds of goodies!