Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mail Art, for sure, plus....

 I was so pleased to find a way to use this elephant, and the bakelite bracelets. In this piece of Mail Art, I used a card that I picked up in Paris this winter. It was a piece of toast! Perfect background.

 The rest of the bracelets couldn't go to waste. Here I combined them with a scrap that I was using to punch out dots. I like that the phrase is unfinished. People are always----what?

This disk/diskette was dated 2000 and contains the tech notes for a production of Hamlet that I was stage managing for the Richmond Shakespeare Company.

I made this card using scraps sent to me by a mail art friend. I'd sent her some scraps, she made a piece of mail art and sent it to me, then sent me scraps so this card is going back to her. A fun back and forth project. I like it. Other people's scraps are fun to use.
 A reminder that the 2nd Annual Skull Appreciation event is this coming June 4th at the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia PA USA. If you're in the neighborhood, be sure to stop by and say hello. Mail Art will be on exhibit as well as lots of other skull related items.
Yippee, I finally got to wear the sandals that I purchased last fall to wear to N & J's wedding. I ended up not wearing them because I thought the weather would be too cold. I wore my cowboy boots. The weather was hot. Oh well. BUT today, I got to wear them. They are so cute and feminine.

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