Thursday, June 14, 2012

Catch up time -

Blue Bird of Happiness, my new ink!
So many things have happened since my last post. I don't know where to begin! So I'll begin with my new body ink. I had wanted to change up the little purple heart for a year and finally was able to do it. It's blended into the blue bird  so nicely. I'm very happy about this. Thanks to my dear friend, Amy, super #1 tattoo artist in RVA.

We left for a trip to Philadelphia and NYC the weekend before last (right after my ink work.) While away, I made only 4 pieces of mail art. Long story made short, I got sick with bronchitis and didn't have much energy, though the trip kept going. These hens went to my little neighbors whose chickens couldn't stay with them.
 I am SO fond of this piece. I used a Miro painting for the background, a Japanese postage stamp on top of that, and the four lawn chairs on top of all, with some stick on letters for fun. I love that it looks like the chairs are in front of a wall mural. Right?
 Skulls were on my mind because we were in Philadelphia at the Mutter Museum for the 2nd annual Skull Appreciation Day event.

Simple works for me - I had a exhibit card that I cut in half. I added the stamp and the two letters. It works. I think it has a nice quality of depth. What do you think?
I'm hoping to get back to making mail art now that I'm feeling better. I'm at #942. I'd wanted to get to 1000 by my birthday; I've only 58 more to make.  yay!

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YOU'VE GOT A TATTOO?????? Well, hell, I'd never have guessed that!