Thursday, June 28, 2012

Paper dolls and mail art, too.

 This dotty card is going off to London. You, too, can send work to my friend Andy. Send your Mail Art to:
My REAL wall
Plot 45 REAL
The Royal Opera Arcade Gallery
1-2 Royal Opera Arcade
London, SW1Y 4UY
 This dotty card, for some reason, called for this bit of text that was sitting on my work table. It works well, I think.
 This dotty card is so subtle. Do you like the way the orange dot and strip are the same value as the peachy color background? I like the way the 2 colors have a subtle boundary, a disappearing boundary, so Albers Interaction of Color, right?
 Oh don't I have fun? I copied the self-portrait that Adriana made and I turned it into a paper doll for her. I made 3 outfits out of art magazine photos.
 Close up of a flower.
 Some water color imagery.

A field of sunflowers.
Here it is standing up. I can't wait to give this to her, maybe tomorrow. I hope she's as tickled with it as I am.


Andy Hoang said...

Thanks for the support Mim! my REAL wall is going VERY public this month, courtesy of Royal Mail, who are sponsoring a project in the middle of town, called we love real, which bills itself as the worlds first postal network.

I've been given a "plot" to fill, which is like a gallery space, and the challenge is to fill it by mail. My plot is plot 45, and I should, with your readers help, be able to do the space some justice.

It's well worth sending in as the gallery is in the centre of London so should get lots of interest.

Anonymous said...

That little dolly should go on Project Runway.