Friday, June 15, 2012

In New York City

Happy this was available!
We took the train from Philadelphia to New York City on Monday afternoon (last week.) and by Wednesday, I needed to see the Doc at the Duane Reade. Happy me, got diagnosis and meds and on the road to recovery. But this trip to the city was at a way slower pace than usual. 

One of the exhibits we saw was at MAD. Artists who don't usually work in glass, showing glass pieces. Very cool! I wish I'd written down the name of this artist, because I really liked this piece, but I didn't. If you know who did it, let me know. It's a broken red glass chandelier with crows on it.
 This glass piece was done by Mike Joo, a sculptor, whom we met many years ago at the Cite International des Arts. This is a beautiful piece.
 We went to MoMA on Thursday, a day we forgot the umbrella and needed one, so I ended up buying the one I'd wanted for a long time. It has clouds on the inside and you know how I love clouds. Here are some clouds as seen from MoMA. Here is the link to see the umbrella I got.
 We stopped in at MoMA cafe where I had a cup of lovely peppermint tea. For some reason, I wanted that kind of tea while I was ill, and everywhere we stopped in the city had it. Lucky me.
 Clouds viewed from the High Line. We walked slowly down the path, the sky cleared. It was so nice to have the views from this elevated park.
 Clearer skies, lovely clouds, more from the High Line.

This is some vegetarian sweet and sour soup from the really good Szechuan restaurant on 9th Ave. & 24th Street. If you are in the city, stop in at this place. Reeeeally delicious food.
This is Buddha Delight. I had this at a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown on Canal Street east of Broadway. The tofu is made there and is excellent. It's so busy and the food is so fresh and delicious. Even though I wasn't feeling 100% well, I enjoyed eating this kind of food. Yummy!

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Love the piece by Mike Joo!