Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day (in the U.S. of A)

Thinking about my Dad, today, on Fathers' Day. What a guy! I miss him. Here he is, in front of the apartment building we lived in on Franklin Boulevard, in Chicago. The building is no longer there. I've checked on Google Earth! That's my Dad's car that he has his foot on. He loved driving and wanted us all to learn to drive. (by the way, I didn't learn until I was 25 years old.) When he was old, he asked me if my kids knew how to drive. He said it was important to know how to do that. 

This is card #943. My honey got me a hand cranked paper shredder for shredding receipts. I shredded some paper and thought, oh yes, perfect for mail art. I enjoyed shredding but attaching the bits to the backing was a bit tricky. In the end, I like how this turned out.
 Here are some New York City clouds.
 Here are some clouds over Washington, D.C. There's the Washington monument to the right. We were on the train, heading home.
Here are some wispy clouds over a river,  maybe the Potomac, as we headed south towards home, after our trip to New York City.

It's a quiet day at home for me. My honey and son are off on a father-son excursion. I'm reading, and waiting, for a phone call from my sister. My Mom went into hospital this morning. I wait to hear news.

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